The Sweetwater Branding Course

The Sweetwater Branding Course


Hi there! Thanks for being here.

Our very first email course is all about my fave topic: branding.

Each week for a month, you’ll get two emails from me. One with a worksheet with some homework, and another to recap and bring it all together. You will not get emails on the weekends!

YOU DO NOT NEED A FLOWER BUSINESS TO TAKE THIS COURSE - it’ll be valuable to any small business.

I repeat: NO EMAILS on the weekends. Rest. Branding will be there for you Monday!

Here’s what we will cover:

  • your personal brand

  • your business brand

  • marrying both those things

  • identifying and speaking to your ideal client

  • letting go of the weird expectation that you have to do it one way

  • tips and tricks to up-level your brand - instantly.

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  • Sweetwater Floral provides zero refunds / exchanges on course purchases.

  • Please do not be an asshat and forward this course to your friends - we have the ability to see you do this- however it isn't protected- so then it gets awkward because we have to email you that you sent it to someone who didn't pay and eeks- let's avoid that. It's stealing. Don't steal.

  • We make absolutely no guarantees about what you'll get out of this course, educational materials and their impact is at the discretion of each student.

  • You will NOT BE GETTING EMAILS on the weekends. Take a break my sweet. Enjoy!