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Hygge: The Retreat

Join us for a weekend tucked away along the lake shore in West Olive, Michigan. We’ll cozy up around the fireplace and dive head first into what you need to do to make your creative passion-filled business dream thrive in a way that is profitable and fun.

Why Hygge?

4 years ago I searched high and low for an experience like this, but found myself only stumbling upon workshops that were thousands of dollars, didn’t include lodging, were halfway across the country & intimidated me. I vowed that if I could ever swing it, I would create a safe space for women who own businesses to retreat, connect, relax & get some major work accomplished (all while wearing yoga pants). And so, Hygge: Women’s Creative Retreat was born!


Session Breakouts

Branding: You read about it everywhere. But what is your brand? We’ll help you develop it so that it’s totally perfect for you. We will find your brand “voice” we will also learn how to explain to people what is it that you do. We’ll also talk about making your branding consistent in every part of your business.

Social Media: Yes, you need to be doing it. No, you don’t need to be stressing about it. We’ll go over easy steps to streamline your social. Learn how we book more than 75% of our clients from Instagram and how I don’t need 100,000 followers to do it. One of my favorite quotes floating around is “having a lot of Instagram followers is like being rich with Monopoly money” we’ll learn how to Pass Go and collect lots of REAL DOLLARS with IG.

Making This Work: How to keep your full time ‘real’ job and build your business. How to explain to your family what the heck is going on. How to deal with the guilt, overwhelm, expectations and disappointment you feel as you navigate the waters of one “real” job for a business you’re building yourself. How to also have a life. When to ask for help. When to take time away & when to make big changes.

Client Experience: Your clients & customers pay your bills. In this session learn exactly how our client experience is different than anyone else out there. Find out how to attract clients that you love, because when you love your clients–you love the work even more. (yes, even the tax projection stuff).

Other gems that are included: lodging, all meals, wine & cheese party, a farewell dinner on Saturday evening and a newfound group of like-minded business owners who are right where you are. No topic is off limits, come with your questions, fears, stories & prepare for an unforgettable weekend.

Plus, it's winter and we need fun stuff like this to look forward to. Double bonus: if you sign up before the end of the year, this entire retreat can be a tax write off for you–seriously, ask your accountant.


Frequently asked questions

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

Do I HAVE to have a business to attend?

No, but we really are looking for women who plan to start one. If you haven’t filed for your license yet, or whipped up a website - no problem! But if you’ve got an idea that has been running around in your head for a while and you plan on going for it soon, OR you need the kick in the pants to go for it...join us!

Is this a wedding/event industry only kind of thing?

No. In fact, one of the amazing parts of Hygge is how similar your journey is to the woman sitting next to you and you do completely different things. Hygge is open to all women who have a small business. So if you hand letter globes, teach yoga, own a restaurant, plan weddings, train dogs, or are launching a company based on your grandmas mustard recipe–this retreat is for you. 

What if I’m already in year 2 or 3 of this journey?

Awesome! Chances are you might feel "stuck" or like you are torching the candle at both ends and not moving forward with your business. It should be hard work, but it shouldn’t FEEL like hard work. Hygge is best for businesses that are currently doing less than $50k a year in gross sales.

Can I bring my kid, husband, dog, cat, etc.

In order for you to fully get alllll of the goodness from this experience, we want you and only you. Leave the distractions at home and come ready to dive in. (trust me, I’m so serious about this that even the boopings stay home) You'll be amazed at the work you can accomplish when you leave your space and distractions behind.

But I have a full time job & my business is just sort of a thing I’m doing on the side, but I dream about it being my full time thing one day, am I ‘unprepared’ for this?

Hell no. You are perfect. Because guess what, SO MANY OF US are right there with you. Trust me when I say, your dream job can be a profitable reality, and this weekend will help you get there. Taking the leap from side hustle to full time is a process we talk a lot about at Hygge.

But, won’t my (gasp) competition be there?!?!

They might be! We are going to cover this in depth. I don’t call anyone my competition, I call them my co-workers. There is enough room for everyone in this creative community. You’ll meet women who are right where you are, and when you form a bond–you’ll be in it together for the long haul. Come to meet new people & connect with others who are right in the trenches. Like, you know, working a full time day job, and then working their "dream" from 5pm-10pm on a laptop weekdays and taking vacation days to work their side hustle–I promise you, you are not alone in this!

My grandparents have a cottage nearby! Can I stay there?

As much as we love sleeping in a familiar bed, a really big part of this experience is going to be burrowing in and making this an entire weekend away for you. Our sessions will run into the evening & staying at the lodge is part of the experience!

This is a lot of money. Just wanted to tell you that.

I know. Trust me, if anyone loves to pinch a good penny it's me. We worked our tails off to keep the cost of this retreat as low as possible. I am not in this to make a million dollars–I’m in this because I honestly want to bring together a group of like-minded women who want to talk business & connect. We believe that our cost is a total "bang for your buck". Similar experiences easily charge into the thousands. We may not have as many free goodies and silk ribbons heading your way that weekend, but you can count on everything being covered & absolutely no "omg I just spent that much money on THAT" guilt.

PS- The food is next level ridiculously amazing. Once you arrive- leave your wallet behind. For real.

I am mean and nasty and hate this kind of thing, but maybe I’ll force myself to go? I guess?

No. Please stay home. Thanks! Space is hella limited.



The Amazing & Talented 2017 Hygge Group.

All The Rest: Lodging, Payment, REGISTRATION & Legal

Hygge 2019 dates and info:

Friday March 1 - Sunday March 3


Sunday March 3 - Tuesday March 5

We will begin around 6 PM on the first day and wrap up after breakfast on your final day. Day 2 will be jammed with 4 sessions along with delicious meals and a beautiful dinner that evening. Alllll the hygge for real. Every single thing you can think of is included in this price. All you have to do is get yourself to Camp Blodgett bring some comfy clothes.

Payment: The full weekend cost is $750.00 – payment is due in full upon registration. Of  the $750, 75% of it is non refundable, and no refunds will be made within one month of event. 


(PLEASE PAY CLOSE ATTENTION that you are registering for the session you want- dates are easily confused- we cannot change your reservation)

Rooms: The retreat is being held at Camp Blodgett in West Olive, Michigan. This beautiful lakeside space is everything we need. It’s cozy. Its quiet. Rooms are double occupancy. If you are coming with a friend and would love to room together–let us know!

Food: I cannot tell you how incredible the food is. My dear friend Sonja from Nurture is coming all the way from Canada to cook for us all weekend. She specializes in making menus that fit the soul of an event. I can almost smell the deliciousness now.

Random: You don't do dairy. You wanna carpool. You wanna skip a session just to nap for 3 hours because you've got a baby at home and you haven't slept. You can't wait to learn ab----- .... Girl. I hear you. I see you. When you register, you'll get a little survey to fill out with some details about why you chose this experience, because Hygge is FOR YOU, I bust my hump to make this a weekend that will change your life. We'll chat before the weekend, promise.

The legal stuff: By attending this retreat you are agreeing to not hold Stems Floral Design LLC (Sweetwater Floral) responsible for any additional costs you acquire in travel, transportation, planning, etc. You agree to not hold host accountable for any injury, sickness that may occur. You basically agree to not sue Kalin & you are a cool nice human.

Do you have questions? Fire away!

Ready to join us?

Send me an email: kalin@sweetwaternorth.com

I can’t wait to hear from you! XO.


Still on the fence?

the Hygge ladies Sound off. 

At Hygge I gained confidence in the fact that I am not alone on this journey. Even during the hardest moments of small business ownership, there is always someone else screaming “me too”. Hygge allowed me to connect with those women and a year later I am still blessed to call them my friends.
— Heather S.
DO IT. The investment you make in Hygge you will get back tenfold...Continual improvement and self-discovery is an important part of any business, missing the chance to experience an intimate, full-on creative retreat and the bonds that you’ll make with the other women that attend is something that you’ll regret
— Meaghan
One month after Hygge I was officially my own boss. Within the first month of applying Kalin’s techniques for client experience we had booked four full service clients at a higher price point that we had ever sold before.
— Alyse E.


Say yes to meeting me on the shores of Lake Michigan with your soon-to-be Business BFF's. See you there! 

Hygge 2019

Ready to transform your business into a money making, soul filling, work-life balance providing machine? Join us on the shores of Lake Michigan for a weekend that will change your life.

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