Routine calls

Our road is so busy for all of July that when September arrives and the Petoskey School Bus huffs up the hill each morning I can feel a notable shift.

Man all those back to school pics were cute weren’t they? I remember the first day of so many years - new supplies, that fresh as hell Lisa Frank trapper keeper, my Catholic School uniform in pristine condition for approximately the first week.

Back to school is a funny time in this house too, because it’s a thing. Every year. Matt heads back the first week of August but there’s always a shift in our energy around here when September is in full swing with Friday night football becoming a major part of our family dynamic.

We can finally make the turn of Resort Pike onto the highway without waiting for minutes. We’ve started trickling back into our favorite spots downtown to have dinner.

It always feels like a reunion up here. Our visitors have dwindled during the work week so a chorus of “how was your summer?!” and “we haven’t seen you since April!” can be heard all around.

Our table is waiting at all our favorite spots. And ever so slowly, we are downshifting gears for the season.

It’s weird to see the weekends though, when it bustles back to life like its July 6th all over again. Leaf peepers, weekend warriors, beautiful fall weddings, it’s a welcome treat each week - a ‘don’t forget this happens’ moment that will help us have the energy to rev back up in May.

What I love most about right now, is it finally feels like we are finding some sort of routine. A very new normal, a new way of living, but it’s still us.

The farm begins to turn gold. Its the only way I can explain it but in September everything here gets a golden color to it. The studio is still hustling and bustling along, but a successful season of the shed, our subscription service & on farm events is behind us.

This summer we hosted countless private workshops, 2 sold out public workshops, yoga, breathwork and hand lettering. The shed sold out completely a record 10 weeks in a row and we delivered flowers to 18 families each and every Friday for 3 months.

We harvested a ton of lavender. The tiny is still booked solid and we began our giant studio renovation project.

It was a summer run that will never be forgotten. None of them can be. Each and every year it feels like we find our footing around here a bit more. Those first few years we were all over the place, but the path is clear now - Sweetwater has an identity, an energy, and I’m so proud to call it ours.

So as we shift back into a routine, and sleep with the windows open and the garden keeps going but ever so slowly after those chilly late September nights it’ll begin to fade- we’ll raise a glass to Summer of 2019 - when we grew by leaps and bounds and welcomed back the routine of another Fall.



Kalin SheickComment