Bursting to life.

Doesn’t it feel like we JUST released the cutting garden book and went plant shopping and tilled the garden and laid the fabric and then waited?

To me it does. Look at your garden or yard right now. It all started so small and so — new way back a few months ago.

But the time is now for my favorite time of year in the garden- “bursting to life”.

We harvest a few buckets a day. Yes, thats of flowers. Yes, from a tiny little garden in the corner of our yard. Yes from a girl who is completely self taught and just watched a lot of YouTube videos.

Every morning peeking out while I brush my teeth I can see the polka dotted color explosion that awaits us. Its a kind reward from a Spring we were all convinced nothing would ever grow and a June where we had measurable rain some crazy amount like 16 days of the month or something.

You did it. You put something in the ground and it grew. It’s incredibly rewarding. Whether you’ve got a few kale plants and tomatoes out there, or you’re harvesting 1,000 dahlias a day - when we grow things - we learn things.

And of course there were some bumps in the road. The damn rabbits so many of you write me about. The deer. The tuber rot. The insect issue. The puppy that thought digging up plants was his new job in your family. The 3 days your life got insane and you forgot to water. The ‘sitter’ you paid to come over and water who thought that a little sprinkle would do the trick on the 90-degree weekend.

And we battled in there my friends. The mosquitoes (my god), the day Mandy, Emma and I were out there and it was 91 degrees and Emma proclaimed she thought we might be melting on the fabric. The out of control weed that swallowed up a few of your plants and taming it back required a chainsaw.

Growing things is not easy. A business. A family. A brand. A lifestyle. Flowers. Food. But its so worth it.

My wish for you today is that this note finds you swimming in the fruits of your labor. Maybe this year that was keeping one plant alive. Maybe it was finally cracking the dahlia code. Maybe it was giving yourself grace when it all went to hell in a hand basket and your garden looks like District 12 from The Hunger Games.

I’m proud of you anyway it happened.

To the gardens.



Kalin SheickComment