Midsummer update.

Feels impossible to believe but we are halfway through the summer around here. If you’re like me and believe that Labor Day Weekend is the ‘end’ of summer and the beginning of fall.

While I suspect we’ll have a beautiful “Indian Summer” where Walloon stays warm until October and the grass stays green while the leaves change slowly, I’m still scratching my head for the 4th summer in a row how everything happening so quickly around here.

Good news? The second half promises some really good stuff:

-Those late summer weddings. Our calendar is jammed in August, September & October with some truly unbelievable events. What never ceases to amaze me is how we are able to call the kindest clients around ours. These families trust us, an in turn we create some pretty dazzling florals for their big day.

-Dahlias. The cutting garden is exploding to life and while we love our cosmos and zinnias, anyone who knows me is well aware its a wait and see for the dahlias each year. August always brings them and we can’t wait.

-Lavender. Last week we officially started stuffing the shed with fresh bundles. Even though our lavender is low this year due to us deciding to remove all our winter burn, we are still swimming in more lavender than any one family should have. The scent never gets old. The color never gets old. Swing by the shed and grab some!

-We celebrate one year with the Tiny this week! A year ago we opened the doors to the tiny and its been such a rewarding experience for us. We’ve met people from all over the world who have chosen our little spot to stop and rest a while.

-This baby arrives soon. The second half of summer will welcome us into a new phase of our life and we are very much looking forward to it. TBD on little sprouts arrival but we are surely so excited.

-Finalizing Wreath workshop dates / places. I know. You’ve got summer upper lip sweat as you read this. But hard to believe we finalize our dates / locations for wreath workshops in early August each year. We’ll be here at the farm for November 16/17 this year and then Northville for a two night run the first week of December & the Grand Rapids area for a night. Seriously cannot wait.

-Our 5th wedding anniversary. On a 80 degree day in August 5 years ago I went to the best party of my life. It just so happened to be celebrating the love of myself and a bearded fellow I had met years prior. Matt and I really love being married, I love this about us. Our anniversary is such a highlight for me each year.

-Booking our 2020 clients. Without fail all those rings with the sparkly addition that happened early in the summer start pouring in with inquiries around September each year. We love looking ahead to a new season. My advice: start planning early, but also know that our current clients come first right now. Get your info in and a deposit down, we’ll swoop back around in January to start pulling the details. And thanks for your patience. ;)

Ahhh so much to look forward to in the second half of summer. Don’t be sad its half over- be excited we have half of it left!

Sending big love



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