The Team. The Team. The Team.

Photo by Courtney from    The Compass Points Here

Photo by Courtney from The Compass Points Here

One thing no one prepares you for when you start a business is how to hire / manage and effectively lead a team. Because when you start you are broke & clueless & therefore the thought of bringing people in to help you is so far out there you don’t even think about it.

You spend the first few years leaning on the people who are related to you by blood, marriage or best friendship to help you get stuff done. But at a certain point- asking your sister to weed a couple hundred lavender plants just feels cruel.

Then, you’re growth ramps up and it’s time to bring in some help.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some amazing women over the years. (still waiting on a male to join us!) They are hard working, hilarious, independent & talented.

This year our team is: the largest yet, spans the biggest age range & loves denim more than any other team I’ve worked with ;)

I can’t wait for you to meet them.

Chances are you’ll see them more than me this summer. They are handling everything from deliveries each Friday on Walloon Lake to our wedding installs, event drop offs, tear down & helping on the farm side with regular old boring farm stuff.

I’m still in the studio working, but as baby nears making an appearance we are all aware that my studio time will be a bit shortened toward the end of summer.

Go ahead and peek over on our team page to learn more about the ladies.

Thanks for trusting us for your event. Thanks for letting us create beautiful flowers for you. Thanks for believing in a group of women who love Grain Train Chocolate Chip cookies more than is normal.




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