Why I wrote a branding course.

Why the hell did the girl who flowers for weddings write a course on branding your small business?

The answer is simple; because the need was there and I saw the opportunity and that’s that.

People started asking me for a course about 18 months ago, and I kept replying with “I don’t do courses” because I thought it was reserved for a special corner of the internet influencers who make their entire living on online courses.

It’s a topic I am asked to speak on FREQUENTLY and one I am very passionate about.

And like most things I’ve done in this business, I ended up creating it because when I started this thing 4 years ago on a ping pong table in our basement, I didn’t have much money to spend on education but DAMN was I looking for something to help me develop a brand.

Enter: The Sweetwater Branding Course

Who it’s for: if you’re in the beginning few years of your business. If your business is still just a dream in your head. If you’re trying really really hard at it but it’s not profitable. If you dread social media posts, writing your website copy & showing up someplace and talking about your business. - Answer yes to any of these? You need this course.

Who it ISN’T FOR: People in years 5+ of profitability and who feel like they’ve really ‘found their groove’ with their brand. People who are looking for a gazillion dollar fancy course with video modules and tons of time commitment.

The course will take you 4 weeks. You’ll get 2 emails a week. One with a worksheet. One with a lesson recap. You determine how much you’ll get out of this - because the more effort you put towards your worksheets- the easier your brand will come to life.

What exactly we are covering: your personal brand, your business brand, marrying both those things, identifying and speaking to your ideal client, letting go of the weird expectation that you have to do it one way, tips and tricks to up-level your brand - instantly.

That’s it. I’m available for email questions always if you need some clarification on if it’s right for you: kalin@sweetwaternorth.com don’t hesitate to reach out!

You know I’ve said this a thousand times, our work should always feel like work. I don’t subscribe to the theory that if it ‘feels like work you’re doing it wrong’ - but I do firmly believe that doing the work shouldn’t be painful or terrible or something you dread. The brand you create has the ability to feel - effortless.

Excited to hear how the course worked for you!



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