Life Unfolds

Ahhh Spring at the farm. It’s here, finally.

I write a lot about the seasons because they are such a major part of how our life works here. We are so slow moving in the winter, but the second the snow is gone and the ground has thawed — there is a lot of work to be done.

If you swing by this corner of the internet often you know that this year we are moving the flower studio from our garage to a more storage friendly space in the barn - this project will get underway next week and although it is anticipated to be slow moving - progress is progress.

We are also moving fences this year. This is our 4th Spring at the farm and I finally feel ready to make the decision based on what we need to have fenced in and what can be open to guests and more ‘community’ spaces. Our new layout will be easier for groups, for the flower operation side of things and for mowing and getting around.

Essentially we are taking 3 enormous gates and pairing it down to ONE. Flow flow flow baby, I cannot wait. The fencing should be delivered this week and our ultimate goal is the new fence is in and rocking within a month or so.

I talked a bit about this on Instagram this week, I’m so glad we waited to make these changes around here. If we had started reformatting layouts our first year here, we would have made major mistakes. I love that we ‘lived in’ this space the current way for a while - finding out what is perfect about it and what really sucks about it and noting what our priorities were based on how we actually use the farm in the summer.

As someone who doesn’t do well in the ‘waiting period’ a friend said to me this week; “life unfolds.” I feel like I’m finally just realizing this.

All the things I try to force to some odd timeline I’ve written in my head, tend to blow up in my face. I tried like hell to schedule a baby coming into our life. I tried really hard to convince Matt we needed to do this fence project earlier. I wanted to paint that bathroom upstairs day 1 we moved in.

Perhaps what 30 has taught me most is that forcing something to follow a schedule or fit into a mold it just won’t fit into - typically leaves you disappointed and let down.

I can’t tell you how many people like to comment to me that August is a really terrible month to have a baby. “You’ll be pregnant ALL SUMMER.” “But oh my isn’t that a busy time for you?” “What about the lavender?”

These are all good points. Yes I will be sweaty and floating in Walloon for most the summer. Yup, August is our busiest month for weddings. Yup, lavender is typically ready to harvest the end of July and into August.

But listen to me. I tried to force this baby into a calendar and life unfolded in a different way and I couldn’t be happier because the lessons this has taught me in timing and realizing we are not in control at all is worth it.

For a second look at the things you’re trying to ‘force’ in. Chances are that to-do list you’re looking at could stand to have 3 things crossed off because honey they just ‘aren’t going to happen’ today and you’ll feel better not even having them looking at you as a distraction.

That promotion you are scheduling to happen right around the time you’re gonna get engaged and then have a 12 month engagement and a wedding in Charleston and everything is gonna fit into a tidy neat scheduled outline…..

My sweet, let it go. Have goals. Have wishes. But have the flexibility to say ‘we don’t need to move the fence this year. ‘

Have the bravery to say “life unfolds.”

I believe in you. I believe in you because when I couldn’t believe in myself anymore to stop being such a damn control freak about scheduling the people in my life kept believing in it for me.

And now its my turn to do that for you.

Happy Spring

Go cross some stuff off your list.



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