Okay yeah, its a bad one.

Alright, I agree with you. This winter is tough.

If you live anywhere in Michigan, you’re having a rough go of it this season. I was at Meijer today, ran into 4 people I know, every. single. one. of them. mentioned how they are over this.

“I mean, this shit is ridiculous.”

“Planning my retirement in Tennessee right now.”

“Yeah, I’m over it.”

“At this point, its like, hurting our business.”

I’m usually the cheer squad captain for embracing winter. We need to slow down. We need to be still and quiet, but like, the kids need to go to school and I need to be able to pull out of our driveway.

I’ve lost track of how many snow days Matt has had. And while its REALLY nice in our house, Matt moves snow, we cook dinner, we lay around and make each other laugh - I also have friends with small kids who are about ready to call it quits and run away with the circus.

What’s making it so hard- is that it is relentless. Truly. We have a storm that lasts 4 days. We have one day to dig out. And then we have another one.

Even my sister who is the most go with the flow laidback human of all time, is spiraling in Grand Rapids. They went 3 days without power and ended up all sitting by their wood burning fireplace in blankets drinking beer and just waiting for life to return to normal.

Wally and Maple are now peeing on the porch. They have 10 damn acres to run free and explore and they just go out, pee on the porch, and ask to come inside. They are Bernese Mountain Dogs, we have a problem folks.

Up here on the hill we have non stop wind, which makes summer a breeze, truly, but winter - its own beast to handle. We are nearing 120 inches of snow for the year at the farm, by my count, which is ahead of schedule for an average winter.

The snow isn’t bad, in fact it makes everything here so beautiful, but the relentless ice, cold and wind make it hard to get out and enjoy.

Dreaming up a bluebird day with 25 degrees and blaring sunshine and zero wind. Manifesting it to happen soon. I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, stay warm, stay bundled, remember that good winter gear makes all the difference & that spring has to arrive. It always does. One day theres an 8 ft pile of snow blocking the barn door and a few days later we are opening it up for the season.

We ebb and flow and this winter is testing all of us.

Stay the course.

Only 35 days till Spring.



Kalin SheickComment