Soups on.

I think I might be able to survive on Chicken Noodle Soup. I’m not kidding. The good kind. Homemade. Real good noodles, bone broth, the kind that takes hours to simmer away and become perfect.

But I also feel this way about Split Pea, Turkey & Wild Rice, Lobster Bisque & this weird White Chicken Chili I made last week.

I am in a soup phase people. But its not a phase. I’ve loved soup since my mom was making her split pea, or heating up Campbell’s tomato on the stove and making grilled cheese.

Since my dad was dumping 50 cans of ingredients into a pot and BBQ-ing chicken in Blizzards on Sundays in the winter to make us his Chicken Chili.

I’ve always loved it, but something in me has shifted; I am obsessed.

There are so many things I love about it; the warming effect it has on my entire soul during a bone chilling Winter snap here at the farm. The zen like art of stirring it and tasting it and adding a bit of this and that while it simmers on the stove. How freaking good it is the next day for lunch, heated up in my favorite big white ceramic bowl that I don’t know how ended up at our house but I like it.

How can you tell we all love soup? I married a guy who ‘didn’t think soup was a meal’ nearly 5 years ago and two nights ago he made us Clam Chowder from scratch for dinner. There’s hope for all of us.

I have a giant red dutch oven my grandma gave me a few years ago. I was living in Cadillac and surviving on Lean Cuisines so I didn’t use it much that first year. But the red pot moved with me into my first rental house & a guy I loved then moved into the house and Lean Cuisines aren’t made for two - so I started cooking, a lot.

And the famous red pot got a LOT of use. And I learned quickly, it was best for soup.

As I write this the wind is blowing so hard against the house I feel like we might be moving, jury’s out- but hey- there is Chicken Noodle in the fridge. The snow drifts are over the fence and there’s not a chance in hell either of our cars could pull out of the driveway - but there’s enough soup to last us through the weekend.

Go make soup. Make a big pot of it. Take your time. Taste along the way. Don’t rush it. Don’t stress either. You really cannot mess it up. When in doubt, simmer. When REALLY in doubt, kosher salt. If you’re an over achiever make some rolls or get a loaf of crusty bread ready. I’ll admit this is where I drop the ball. I NEVER think to have bread or rolls or a side dipping device, I just slurp the broth from the bowl at the end like an animal.

Go make soup.

And serve it to someone you love.

And stay warm.



BONUS CONTENT: Here’s the recipe for my World Famous Chicken Noodle (must give credit to my best Julie for teaching me how to do it this way) ((addendum: I’ve never written a recipe before so buckle up, this is Kalin style))

What you’ll need:

A whole chicken (3-4 lbs is best)

Good ass noodles



An onion

Better Than Bouillon

Apple cider vinegar


two big pots

1.) put your chicken in your stock pot and cut the onion in half and toss it in there. Sprinkle a little salt, and fill the pot nearly to the top with water.

2.) I pour in about 3 tbsp of Apple Cider Vinegar at this point. Who knows, just get a spoon and toss some in. Not tons. But you need the ACV to draw out the good stuff from the chicken bones (this is bone broth y’all)

3.) bring that puppy to a boil and then simmer it sorta covered for 2 hours. Set a time on your phone, go do something.

4.) after 2 hours- pull the chicken and separate the chicken meat from the bones. Put the bones BACK IN the stock pot and simmer covered for another 1-2 hours (at least). Once my chicken has cooled a bit I chop it.

5.) okay here’s where you need time management - about 90 minutes BEFORE YOU WANT SOUP ya gotta start this step. Dice your celery and carrots and toss it in your Big Red Pot (or dutch oven or something enormous) with a half stick of butter or a swirl of oil or something and let it roar. (Pro tip: a ‘healthy’ amount of butter is crucial at this point)

6.) we are sweating out the carrots and celery, season that stuff. I toss in a spoonful of Better Than Bouillon (chicken flavor) a pinch of salt, some pepper, just - go with the flow. Some people get fancy as hell here with bay leaves and thyme and oregano - yeah no thanks.

7.) add all the chicken meat (you’ve chopped or shredded it) to your carrots & celery -stir to combine, then STRAIN the broth from the stock pot INTO THIS POT.

8.) add your noodles, let it boil, bring to a simmer, when the noodles are done & its seasoned to taste - you’re done. don’t burn your face off - give it a second, prepare to have your mind blown.

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