The 2019 Sweetwater Squad

Another year in the books and its already time to start thinking about our 2019 crew of flower loving badass humans!

Our team is the heartbeat of our company in the summer, and we rely on our amazing hospitality skills to provide meaningful, memory filled moments featuring flowers and good vibes only to an amazing clientele across Northern Michigan.

This year we are looking for 2 floral designers to join us June - October. I’ve branched out a bit into detail about what I mean by ‘floral designer’ and we are willing to train the right people. Please read all of this posting carefully before applying, and the details on how to do that are way at the bottom.

I cannot wait to hear from you. :)

REQUIRED for all team members: Valid driver's license with a clean driving record. 2 references (one personal, one professional). Serious work ethic. Always on time. Can work efficiently. Enjoy being outside. Attention to detail. Able to shake someone's hand and look them in the eye. Physically able to perform job duties: lifting, carrying, schlepping, can stand for long periods of time & able to work with hands. Friendly. Kind. Able to make quick decisions under pressure. Always meets a deadline. 

FLORAL DESIGNERS: We are looking for two designers to join us for the summer event season. Our work week is Weds - Saturday with some Sundays and additional days offered throughout the season. We start early so being a morning person is an added bonus. We are willing to train but a passion for flowers is a must. Yes, we get to play with flowers, but there is also a ton of sweeping, bucket washing, processing, cardboard box breaking down and general studio cleanup. Designers come with us to weddings and must be able to thrive under pressure while maintaining strong vendor/client relationships. This position runs full steam ahead from the last week of May - mid-October. If you are flower obsessed, and more importantly- obsessed with making beautiful things, come join us. We are open to working with schedules with this position. (we get that school may start back up for you in September and you gotta bounce)

A note on flowers: we will train the right people in these positions to acquire the design skills they need. We do not train people to be hard workers, ya gotta come to the table with that one.

BONUS (not required, but definitely awesome): You like snacks. Love Northern Michigan. A passion for flowers, lavender and events. You are a safe driver. You love dogs. You yearn to be a part of something that is growing and gaining momentum and you're up for a challenge. You work well both alone but also on a team. You have incredible time management skills & people would say you’re nice to be around.

PLEASE DO NOT APPLY IF: you don't work hard, you are a bully, you are a mean nasty person who doesn't work well with others, you hate beautiful things and being outside. You do not use ‘thank you’ as a term in your daily goings about.

OTHER NOTES: you must have housing within commuting distance to Petoskey and reliable transportation.

HOW TO APPLY: email and tell me what’s up, why we should meet & why you wanna work here. I’m down for the entire story, I also like seeing a resume, but its not a hard and fast rule. The deadline to apply for this position is January 31.

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