Bright & Waggy

"He's bright and waggy and ready to come home." 

Bright & Waggy. The new name for Wally. It's so him. 

This will be short because I can no longer focus on the fact that Wally could have died last week, I’m focusing on his recovery and healing right now. I'm here to talk about a few things this entire experience taught me. 

When I have absolutely zero control in a situation I am an actual hot mess; when Wall was at the hospital for 5 days, there was nothing I could do. And when there is nothing I can do to better a situation I learned that I am unable to do anything else. This was a real eye opener for me in how I handle anxiety, stress and overwhelming feelings. 

You are only as good as the people you love. Food, wine, cards, texts, emails, voicemails, you name it - it came to us last week. So. Much. Love. The people we love, reciprocate that love in a way that blows me out of the water. Seriously so lucky to have our family and friends call us theirs. 

Your pet is giving you more than you think. When it became very real to me that Wally might not ever come back to the farm I was actually hysterical. It made me think a LOT about how much bright & waggy has brought us in just the 4 months he's been here. Give your furry friend an extra squeeze today. 

Shitstorms pass. The day he was hospitalized I came home to rain blowing in one of our windows upstairs. It's been boarded up for a long time because its broken but the window salesman took off the board to measure it and long story short at one point I was dramatically screaming 'is this shit for real?' as wind gusted into the room so loudly it sounded like a freight train and my face was being pelted by water. I eventually rigged some duct tape system to hold it enough and collapsed onto the bed a sobbing mess and wished for it to be 2019 and for me to have two healthy dogs and for me to feel like myself again after a tough season of loss and grief and learning. 10 days after that day I can tell you - shitstorms pass. 

Treat people kindly. I had some really stellar moments of kindness last week and some pretty piss poor ones. I showed up to the vet for my visiting hour each day with food for the entire staff. People love food. The end. I thanked every single person there a million times over. I designed flowers for Dr. Lucy (our main doc on this case). I was nice Kalin. Then the eye doctor refused to give me a replacement pair of contacts until I came in for an exam and I lost my shit. "Can I just get a pair for the weekend and do the appointment next week?" "No thats not our office protocal, you need an exam, how are we supposed to know what's going on with your eyes?" 

"Carol, I'll see you for the 1:30 appointment and I hope when I show up your attitude has improved." -click

I apologized. I went to the stupid appointment and got new contacts and apologized to Carol. I told her I wasn't proud of my attitude. She said it was no big deal and she was just happy they could get me in. 

We ebb and flow. Sometimes we are actually insane people lashing out. Sometimes we are Martha Stewart of the animal hospital. It's fine. 

Perspective. It's fine that this is a tried and true one, because its spot on. Nothing like a little family crisis to put everything in perspective. I love Matt, the boopings and our life. We are healthy or getting there and that's all that matters. The end. 

Alright, thanks for reading, I'm out to cuddle bright & waggy. 



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