The week I stopped running.

editor's note: I don't run. This is a play on words. Thanks bye. 

Hello Labor Day Weekend, you old friend.

It seemed like it would never show but it's here. And we officially turn the corner on the season and move into "fall weddings".

Yes, I know it'll be 80 degrees still. And yes, a lot of our September and October brides still want a summery look. But when the bus starts rolling by our house every morning at 7:30 am on the dot - it's fall. 

And when I can hear - every so faintly on a calm morning - the marching band practicing, it's fall.

And when Matt is back at a crazy work pace and I find myself freezing my actual ass off while selling hot dogs at High School sporting events - it's fall. 

And when I can finally return downtown. Find parking. Visit our favorite spots and old friends. It's fall. 

So yes, the calendar doesn't flip for a few more days and the weather will stay summery, but the return to routine and normal is welcome. 

I feel like I have been running from one thing to the next for 3 months. This is summer and I love it, but once I stop "running" (this week) I really begin to see how quickly I moved from one thing to the next for 3 months of the year. 

Wake up. Hustle down to let dogs out and start coffee. Hustle to get an hour or so of emails in before world wakes up. Hear team arrive. Hustle to get lists written and printed and all the things for the week. Rush to studio. Rush to run errands. Rush rush rush rush. 

This week I stopped that craziness. But old habits die hard. I was late leaving for a quick trip downstate and was immediately firing on all cylinders, stressed, a bit overwhelmed - when I realized I had ZERO TIMELINE and wasn't "late" for anything. I pushed dinner with friends back 30 minutes and the world didn't end. 

I'll design a wedding today, by myself, in the studio. And I know I'll go down there and immediately think I'm working against a clock. But I'm not. I've got all the time in the world. Literally. I could take 8 hours if I wanted. Working into the night, listening to music with candles burning and be relaxed. 

Any woman knows this feeling. This constant state of "reacting". At Hygge last winter I shared with the group one of my goals was to "be proactive instead of reactive" but I've definitely not held up that goal. I let it slide when things got busy. But now, I get a do over. Being proactive as we return to some normalcy around here will be at the top of my list of goals. 

I already feel better. Sometimes saying out loud that you really shit on a goal you had and now you're giving yourself a do over because you are in control of your life is really refreshing. I suggest you try it. 

Here's to the week I started walking. 

Clinks my sweet.


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