If ever there was a life lesson it would be my relationship with cosmos. 

Two years ago I planted some cosmos in the cutting garden and they grew (this is not an exaggeration) 8 feet tall and never flowered. It just looked like a lime green giant bush. It was laughable. People would always point at the garden and say 'oh my goodness-- that!' 

Last year, I felt like I was winning the battle, I got the cosmos in the ground and - they bloomed! Not often. But they bloomed! I fell in love with their dainty antique fluffy whispy flower and their beautiful colors and their 'old timey' appeal. Each one I cut was a treat.

Today, as you read this, I am swimming in cosmos. Truly. I harvest at least 30-40 a day. I cannot keep up. For the World's Tiniest Cutting Garden this is a LOT of blooms. Jars and jars of them line racks in the cooler. I tuck them into every arrangement that goes out the door. 

Shoot, I even keep a jar of them on the kitchen counter for myself. Something I never do. It took 3 years- but the cosmos and I learned how to work together. 

You'll ask yourself - what did she do differently? The answer is nothing. Silly life, silly Mother Nature- always always just leading us to lessons on her own time. 

Most Impatient Girl On The Planet v. Mother Nature – story of my life. 

Always looking for a lesson - perhaps I needed the cosmos more this year than ever. It's not a perhaps. It's a for sure. I needed their beauty and simplicity and abundance. I needed their heartiness and their ability to show up every day even when I can't. 

I needed the power they have to remind me how freaking amazing flowers are. And I needed the cosmos to be here to remind me that I can and will grow things, beautiful things, but you can't always control the timing- so just keep watering and sending love- they'll show up. 



Kalin SheickComment