The final weeks of summer & the tiny.

It's official. The Tiny is complete. 

And because the world is funny it was literally 365 days exactly from the time we moved it to the spot to when it was done. 

This was the first big project that Matt and I brought in professional help to get us to the finish line. It was the smartest decision we ever made. Although expensive, having a real deal contractor carry out my design plans assures us that this job was done correctly and saved us from a lot of stupid arguments in Home Depot. 

A LOT of people are asking me 'why a tiny house?' We wanted something here at the farm for our friends and family to stay in and for there to be an option for people to crash here at the farm after workshops and their Petoskey visits. 

Other than that- summer is roaring to a close. Now that the lavender is done blooming and workshops on farm have wrapped up, it seems a changing of the guard is at hand here. We have a booked solid August on the wedding floral side of things- but September and October always take on a much needed slower pace. 

As Matt gears up to head back to school (high school sports started this week) we are wrapping up small projects here and there around this place. 

Although the entire list wasn't completed (it never is) we did make major things happen here this summer, with the flag going up, the pond going away, the cooler being a major highlight, the tiny officially open for business and a successful summer of events here. 

I'm sure I'll have a full 'wrap up' when the snow starts falling and I can sit and go over what worked and didn't work.

But until then, a tiny update on life out here should have to do.

Thanks for being here. 




PS- I've gotten lots of questions about Wreath Workshops and Christmas at Sweetwater this year. And although that is insane to me to think of snow and santa and evergreens- as with anything else in life it'll be here in the blink of an eye. So SAVE THE DATE: Wreath Workshops this year are 16-18 / Christmas at Sweetwater will be Nov 23-24-25 and Dec. 1-2

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