The 2018 Squad.

Oh good LORD does it take a village people. A village. Not one person you admire in business, or who looks like they remotely have it together, got there by themselves, nope. There are countless people making it happen alongside them. 

I'm SO excited to introduce you to our 2018 Squad for the year. These women are the real deal and I'm so happy to have them alongside me for this season. (even though we all started working together in April and its currently July. It's fine. Just go with it.) 

Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 8.09.27 PM.png


ERIN - Designer

Erin is a bright spot in our studio and a quick learner. Before working with us she was with WholeFoods in Denver and traded the mountains for the lakes and moved North. One thing I adore about Erin is her ability to adapt to situations and manage people. She's a great teacher and designer and is bringing so much to our team. More on Erin HERE


SAM- Designer

Sam came to us this year with some floral design experience under her belt and looking to potentially start her own floral design business one day in the Saginaw area where she is from. Her attention to detail and genuine love of flowers is helping our team grow by leaps and bounds. Having her in the studio brings a calm and steady presence. More on Sam HERE


EMMA - Studio Manager

Emma graduated from high school this Spring and immediately hopped into the studio to help us manage the madness. She's preparing to enter CMU's Hospitality program this fall and has a genuine love and interest in weddings. Emma is an incredibly hard worker and we love having her spunk and spirit in the studio with us each day. More on Emma HERE


LILY - Purchasing Manager / Designer

Lily has been with me since day 1 and that is honest to god the truth. When I used to call my wholesaler and say I had $30 (not forgetting a zero there folks) budgets for stuff Lily would patiently and kindly help me put together the order. Today she handles all our ordering, buying and logistics on flower shipping. She's also an incredible designer who hops in with us when we need a little boost of Lily goodness. More on Lily HERE


SABRINA - Digital Manager

Sabrina has been on this team for a year now and manages all things interwebs for Sweetwater. She designed and helped lead me through our rebrand and manages our mailing lists, online presence, sales plans and troubleshoots #allthethings. Her strength is in simplifying systems so we can operate more smoothly and grow by leaps and bounds. More on Sabrina HERE


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