When Shit Hits The Fan.

In my book of 'shit hitting the fan' losing every single "phenomenal" plant in the lavender field this year is pretty high up there. 

Editor's note: phenomenal is a variety, and my favorite one. 

When I finally faced the music it was way too late for a 'Plan B' this year. I REALLY thought this stuff would bounce back. But, the April blizzard claims another victim. First the giant White Pines in our backyard, and then, a couple hundred plants. 

I could write all day about how sad I was. How it made things weird with Matt and I for a week or so. Both of us in a funk. Unmotivated to do anything on the farm. I could write about how I sobbed for hours. All our hard work. 

A friend of mine once traveled to go see someone she really admired at a speaking event. The woman, who we both admired, stood up in a room full of flower and farm people and told them  that you 'cannot show grit.' We must keep it to ourselves when stuff doesn't work. When its hard and you're failing - when shit is hitting the fan - keep quiet. When plants die, don't tell them. When projects take longer than planned- shh. Don't say a word. 

Wait what?! 

How are we supposed to stay sane, or motivated, or encouraged- when no one in the world is showing us the real side of things? It's hard. It should be. We fail. A lot. We move forward. 

We have a plan. Rip out phenomenal, it'll be replanted next year. Replace the dead hidcote plants and we are still figuring out violet intrigue. In my book, that's a plan.

Your dream is gonna take 2 steps forward and 1 step back. It's going to grow and plant roots and blossom and take off and then in a split second (or 3 days over April) it's going to change. But what is most important is that it isn't gone, it didn't end, it just took a step backward. It just took a detour. 

This blog is semi reading like Chicken Soup for The Soul so I'm gonna slow down and sum it up.

Shit can be hard. Shit WILL hit the fan. But you won't quit.

Because its just not what you do.





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