Our Rebrand

It was first only going to be called ‘stems.’ It was going to be mail order single stem sent in a hand made bud vase by amazing artists. It was going to be a way to send your best friend flowers without spending a million dollars. It was going to just be in the mail.

Then a week later I panicked while filing the paperwork and thought about the one person maybe who would ever maybe want me to do their wedding flowers. But I had never done a wedding! How do you even make a bouquet? What the hell? But who cared. So I filled out “Stems Floral Design” in the box on the form.

And then I woke up one night 2 weeks later to go in to work the morning show. And it was 11:45pm and I woke Matt up and he rolled over and I said, “I hate that name. I’m gonna change it.”

And then it was Stems & Sprigs. Because I love greenery. And it was cute. And I never really knew what this would become. I loved flowers. And I knew that much.

But then there was a farm. An old, sorta forgotten, dusty farm. With lots of piles of junk everywhere. And we couldn’t say no. And I was doing weddings then. From a ping pong table in our basement in Cadillac, and we packed up the flower stuff and headed north.

And that summer I did 32 weddings and realized what my passion is and my strengths are and this business became my life. And we put a couple thousand plants in the ground. And we named it Sweetwater Lavender Farm. And this farm became a huge part of our life. And I couldn’t believe my eyes.

And that winter I started teaching workshops. And people came! Lots of people! And this brand became even stronger, and the farm plan was finally becoming clear. And last summer I did 50 weddings and we hosted a dozen farm events and had more than 100 people come to workshops and it was Stems & Sprigs and Sweetwater Lavender Farm.

But once it took off. It never felt together. They always felt separate. There was the flowers. And the farm. Two separate businesses.

And today that changes. Today, we are Sweetwater. Flowers. Farm. Events. Blog. Shop.

It is one brand. One business. It is us.

I am so happy. SO excited about this. So very proud of this work. And I’m sad. Because Stems & Sprigs was my baby that I loved on in a basement of a house I thought would be our forever home in a town I thought was our final stop and we were so young and so new and everything was different.

And when deciding when to do this rebrand, we chose Feb of 2019. And then things happened and we knew it needed to be now and I cried. Because Stems & Sprigs allowed me to find out who I truly am. I’m not kidding. It may be just a business to some, but to me, it was the tool I used to uncover who I am, what I care about, and the legacy I’m creating in this world.

But it was time. And I’m so excited to share this with you today. Because we aren’t losing anything, we are gaining so much.

Sweetwater is beautiful wedding flowers, a small lavender farm, one of a kind workshops & events, and sharing ways to lead a beautiful, fulfilling life.

When I made my first arrangement on a ping pong table in a 1970s ranch house on Lincoln Street, I never could imagine that 4 years later we would have flowered at over 125 weddings, taught 15 sold out workshops, brought an old farm back to life, hosted my sister’s wedding here, opened up this place to the public and shared the entire story on a blog.

There have been moments in this entire journey where I am so nervous and overwhelmed. But most of all- this has been oddly cleansing and feels right. I always always trust my gut, even when it takes me there and pulls me back and forth a couple times. I let all our 2018-2019 clients know privately earlier this week. They can officially say that Sweetwater Floral is doing their wedding flowers. The announcement to them has been overwhelmingly filled with love and support, which has meant the world to me.

Thank you for loving Stems & Sprigs since day one, thank you for loving the farm like we do. Thanks for following this story. Cheers to Sweetwater.