Hold me accountable this season.

Sometimes writing things and sharing them really helps keep me accountable. Because this entire brand has become such a community and you all are so amazing at reading and keeping up and following along that I know you'll hold me accountable this summer. 

That's why I'm sharing this post today. Also- I bet it'll resonate with at least a few of you who have a summer busy season. Because let's face it- 4 months of the year- this shit is cray. We love it. And that's why we do it.

EDITOR'S NOTE: I also hope that we remember to give ourselves grace. So before I launch into my manifesto about exercise I'm also saying out loud that some mornings 530 is a bit early to hop in the pool- and sleep is important and that's ok. 

Each wedding & farm season it seems that somethings can easily get put on the back burner (cough cough exercise) so today I'm sharing my 'plan' on how to stay in the best possible mental, emotional, physical shape this summer. Oh and also why I don't wanna hang out with you. (hair flip) 

I gotta keep moving. I've been back in the pool a couple times a week which has been awesome. It is a known fact in wedding world that the second we start go go going we go go go away from the gym. I gotta move this summer. Not move like schlep buckets and harvest lavender move, move like - swimming laps- rolling out my yoga mat & catching an occasional pilates class. 

We don't hang much in the summer with anyone. This isn't because I don't adore my friends or wanna see everyone who is visiting up north, its because every time I say yes to a friend thing it means I'm saying no to potential quality time with my husband. Which is important. My girls totally get this- and bonus they are equally as batshit in summer. So it works. It is nothing personal that you are visiting up here and wanna grab coffee and I say no. It's all about keeping our marriage strong- because my idea of 'date night' is not harvesting lavender in a mosquito swam- its the wine and boat ride afterward. :) 

Groceries delivered. Yup. I did it. I signed up for Shipt and I'm never going back. We have an issue in this house with cooking fresh during the summer. I'm only semi-embarrassed to admit how often we end up making a gluten free frozen pizza OR going to my parents and having dinner with them (love ya Rob & Rick) but having our groceries handled has been making me cook, which I love.

Leaving this farm. I've written before how in the Summer I literally have to pry Matt away from the farm. Yes, there is always approximately 2093283 hours of work we could be doing. But sometimes we need to go out to dinner and hold hands. This year we have one planned 3 day stretch we are going on a family vacation - Matt, Maple and I will be outta here. We do have a 'farm sitter' because things need water and the shed needs filling and lots of things like that. But damn if we won't be packing up the truck and headed north for a few days and I cannot wait!

A fab team. I could not do this all alone. No way. We have an incredible team that works with us each week to keep things running smoothly. I cannot wait to introduce Sam, Erin and Emma to you soon! 

So there we have it. I'm gonna keep exercising. I'm gonna leave this place sometimes. I'm gonna order the groceries without guilt. And I'm gonna lean heavy on this team. 

We bought this place to have you here. I started this flower company to be a part of the most important days in your family history. Its not something we take lightly. So I'm taking care of myself so seriously this summer so you can get the best version of Kalin. :)

See you at the farm.