A Little Rant

I've written on my Instagram before how much I am sometimes frustrated with the 'highlight reel' our lives have become. I've been trying like hell to put my phone down more and live a little more in the moment and share even more real life, but at times it seems the pressure for it all to be too perfect is insane. 

No matter what freaking stage of your life you are in. You are sad or missing or wanting for something. And with the swipe of your thumb you can spend hours in a rabbit hole looking at the 'perfection' achieved by others who've got it. 

I'm writing today to remind us all that it's a highlight reel. It's not real life. It's a snapshot and one second of an entire day. It's curated and chosen and planned. 

Someone reached out to me the other day about how her business feels like a failure because everyone else is 'so much further ahead than her.' I have a friend who has a literal perfect seeming life on the outside but struggles to get out of her bed in the morning. 

I don't know where we go from here. We are all a part of this problem. One one hand social media has grown my business and brought me such incredible friendships and connections -- one of the other hand- I find so many women who are so consumed by this pressure to be something that it makes me sad. 

Know this. You're enough. You're doing enough. Your wedding will be amazing. Your kids will not be axe murderers because they ate fries and watched a movie. Your have a roof over your head, its ok that it doesn't look perfect inside. That girl with the 'most amazing job' has bad days. The wedding that she had was not perfect, I promise you. Their marriage takes hard work. 

I cruised Target for a little bit the other day, it's easy to see why the hell everyone is miserable, because unless your life is freaking perfect- you need all these things to get you there. You need new clothes and home decor and makeup and shoes and the latest watch and this and that. When you have these things you will be happy. --Not true. And trust me- I LOVE ME a target trip. But damn y'all. 

When you have people to love on and love on you in return. When you have passion. When you have time spent doing something that makes you feel good. When you have connection. When you have experiences - that helps to make us happy. In my mind it all comes down to this human element that brings us together. 

That's it. For today. My little rant had no real point or direction but I feel better. Maybe you do too? We are all in a shitstorm. We are all working to be better. We all need more connection with people we love and less time spent obsessing about what other people have. 

Hey thanks for reading this.





Kalin Sheick4 Comments