The April Blizzard

If you're living under a rock then you may have not heard about the actual bat shit crazy insane 'historical meteorological event' everyone in Northern Michigan lived through 10 days ago. 

It started on Friday. But I was that annoying girl, on Friday I literally was like "this is nothing, its not gonna be as bad as they predicted." 

Saturday Morning: I wake up to a winter wonderland. At least a good 10 inches of snow is everywhere, I'm woken up by the plow truck which is flying down the road, decapitating every mailbox in its path. I start some cinnamon rolls (typical) brew some coffee and think how nice it'll be to cozy in for a day. 

That morning we watch the new version of "Pete's Dragon" and I am crying so hard at one point that I make Matt pause it and look up the ending to make sure Pete and Elliot are reunited because for some reason this is really impacting my ability to function. Spoiler alert: it all works out. 

The wind picks up that afternoon, it's still snowing, sleeting, raining, icing and its dark outside. DARK. We burrow further into the couch, the dog hasn't moved all day from her bed. We drink some champagne. Blizzards are fun! 

Saturday Overnight: The wind is literally howling through our house. At one point I'm convinced this 1880 farmhouse is gonna blow over. I listen to the plow trucks all night and ice hitting the windows. I'm over the blizzard now. It was cool for a day. 

Sunday morning: Holy S*** there is more snow. Like a lot of it. Matt heads out to move some of it, just to get a head start on life whenever we decide to shower and leave our home again. We had the bright idea over Spring Break to take the blower off the tractor because you don't really think you'll get 27 inches of snow in mid April, so he is moving snow with the bucket and its working but not fun. 

We are still watching TV. I haven't changed my clothes since Friday night. So there's that. I look like a swamp creature my hair is so greasy. 

Matt is weirdly motivated to clean our entire house so we spend most of Sunday doing that. While folding laundry I throw my back out. #thisis30 I immediately head to the couch and we start binge watching some weird show on Netflix about people who make their junker cars go 150 mph. It's fine. 

We are talking in the living room when Maple starts going CRAZY. She's barking non stop. We are both annoyed. I walk into the kitchen and glance out where she is barking out the den window- 2 giant trees have fallen in the yard. The wind is howling so badly and has been coming straight out of the east for 2 days. The trees have grown their entire life with prevailing wind from the west. I'm sad. It is however some kind of miracle that both trees missed the studio, house and covered porch. Grateful. 

Sunday night: Matt has school cancelled at 7pm. He opens a beer. I take an advil. We have eaten almost everything in our fridge. At one point I'm putting arugula into cheese quesadillas and calling it delicious. The power keeps flickering. Bless. 

Monday Morning: I eat a Costco frozen organic burrito for breakfast. We leave the house and the roads are the worst I've ever driven on. We go back to the house. While out and about Matt acquires a rotisseire chicken and more la croix. #provisions 

Monday afternoon: at this point I just decide the only thing I can do is nap. It's snowing so hard I cannot even believe this is a place where people live year round. I am convinced it will never melt. The sun will never shine again. It will be winter forever. My phone is just a constant stream of texts from my friends all around the north saying 'is this for real?'

Monday evening: It's blowing so hard and snowing so intensely I cannot see our neighbors in either direction. They aren't that far away. The window in the bathroom upstairs has so much ice accumulated on it its seeping in through some weird phantom home design issue. I want to curl up in a ball and wake up on the 4th of July weekend. We eat more Costco frozen burritos. Send help. 

Tuesday morning: Matt has school cancelled again. He goes out to move snow. Again. Maple has been on bed rest for a little shoulder sprain so that's one positive side of the blizzard- she hates wind and rain so she literally has no moved in days. The only thing I am grateful for over the past few days aside from our house not blowing over is that I don't have to go outside to pee. 

Tuesday afternoon: I think the worst is over. I see cars driving on our road again. Good thing, because if I watch one more hour of Netflix my head will explode. Matt actually seems happy that he'll go back to school the next day. We haven't seen anyone but one another in 4 days really. That's a LOT of quality time. And not like 'we are in Napa wine tasting' quality time, its like 'sorting laundry' quality time. I take a shower, expecting I might be required to be a functioning human again in society soon. 

Tuesday night: it's so quiet outside! It's because the wind has stopped. It's eerily quiet. I'm worried Maple might have bed sores. Is that a thing with dogs? 

Wednesday morning: We wake up and the sun is shining. I shit you not. Sun. It's illuminating the entire house. It's. So. Weird. Matt and I are both outside trying to get stuff in our cars and we look like people emerging from living in a cave. It's so bright I can't even open my eyes. What the hell is this?! Light?! Sunlight?! Even Maple is looking up to the sky and smiling. I swear. Matt leaves for school. I've really never seen him drive out of the driveway so quickly. He claims he's really behind on work. I understand the truth is that I talk non stop and that was a a lot of time to spend locked up with me. 

That day the snow started melting. It was slow and still cold. But the sun was out. Matt and I went out to dinner that night and everything in town was packed. It was like everyone needed to stretch and get out and stop eating the weird freezer burned shit they uncovered underneath the ice cube trays. 

The April Blizzard of 2018 was no joke. I don't think I'll ever forget it. I've never in my life seen weather like that. So relentless. So dark. And for SO long. We are totally used to a snowy day here in the north, but to have something that lasts 72+ hours without a break was pretty crazy. 

I thought maybe I was imagining how bad it was until I started seeing things on social media like "I've lived up north for all my 73 years and never seen anything this bad." "My dad has been plowing driveways since I was born and says he can't remember anything like this." "Northern Michigan is experiencing a historical meteorological event" "Travel on roadways is expected to be impossible, please stay inside." 

Someone messaged me on Instagram saying 'you people in the North are tough!' She's right. We are. The April Blizzard was one that tested us all in a way nothing else have because it wasn't the snow that was the hardest, it was the emotional blow of what the calendar said while it was happening. 

But I'm happy to report that most of the snow is  gone. It was 63 degrees and sunny here yesterday. Mother Nature always knows what to do, she just does it all on her own time.


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