Broken Vases

The boxes were stacked taller than me on the porch. Vases. They come in big shipments like this because shipping is so damn expensive that I just wait until I can make enormous orders, then curse myself because its so much to unload and inventory. 

The super tall ones are new this year. They are 28 inches tall and heavy and glass. They are so beautiful.They come packaged in an individual box, tons of bubble wrap, more wrap, more tape, a cardboard box. Fragile is written all over that box. "This end up." "Careful glass!" "Set down gently."

Matt loaded them up in a van and drove them around to the studio, "some of those are broken" he told me when he came back inside. "Damnit" I mumbled with a mouthful of scrambled eggs. 

You can tell when they are broken the moment you pickup the box. It makes a musical little melody of glass shards all clinking together. 

I waited a week or so and finally got to unloading and unpacking everything. I ordered 5 of those super tall glass vases. I opened 5 boxes and 4 of them were in a million pieces

It's from setting them down too hard. They are cracked from the bottom up. The top of the vase looks perfect but its dangling on a shattered base. Like so many people I know. 

This has been a weird year for me. On one hand its the most successful year for our companies to date, we are planning and working on an incredible season ahead, a relaunch and rebrand, the tiny house project is one I'm so excited for (come on weather) and the summer calendar of events here at the farm is full and amazing. 

Our clients blow me away on the daily. They make me laugh and they trust us. It's what I literally dreamed up for this company years ago. It's here. It's now. We will kick an unfathomable amount of ass this summer. That's a fact.

And yet, damn there is still so much undone. I thought by now I would have so many things; designers who stick with me, the ability to lessen the work burden on Matt because he already works 239823 hours a week, a new baby, a larger studio space, a pickup truck so we can stop abusing the flower van on the daily at Home Depot, a more organized system for vase storage and inventory, the ability to power through weekends without needing a nap and so much 'me time.' 

But alas. I am still working on so many things. I've been jostled around a bit. Like the vases. But I am not broken. In fact, I'm probably that one vase that made it through shipping. I'm sure she was bounced around, thrown for a loop and banged up- but she is not broken. She's standing in that studio (garage) and ready to work. Ready to hold flowers and make people happy and celebrate big life moments. 

Right now I'm the vase that made it through shipping.

A continuous work in progress. I will never ever in my life think this company is done growing or getting better. I do not settle. I do not lose. I take this so seriously because guess what-- it's serious. 

I built this company with one single goal in mind; create a life that I really loved. I've done that. And yet there's so much more to do. There are really big things ahead for this company. So big I can't even imagine them yet. But I just know it. Because I built it myself. Standing tall. Even after being bounced around a little bit.

Thanks for being along for the ride.