Sharing This Place With You

There once was a couple that bought an old farm that needed some love and they worked for 2 full years to shine it up and although it wasn't perfect yet they realized they were ready to really share it with everyone. 

They also love wine and each other and pizza. 

The end. 

What a cute story! Wait! That's our story! This is officially the weirdest and most cheesy intro to a blog ever, who knows, lots of coffee today. 

You read that right. We are opening the farm to groups this summer in a way like never before. We have a full summer program. Just typing that made me so excited and nervous and ready for mosquito bites and dirty hands. 

Putting together a regular events schedule open to you this year was important to us. I can't tell you how often I have people message me asking to visit the farm, or come by in the summer. And for the last two years I've been swamped with wedding work in a way that made events at the farm tough to pull off. 

But this year is different. Because, we have more designers in the studio, we have awesome people helping with the farm side, and because I'm releasing the white knuckle grip of control on every part of this business and realizing that in order for it to be everything I want it to be, I need to ask for help and let things unfold organically. 

When we bought the farm I really pictured it as a place that would be open for business daily with special events on weekends and a gift shop. But what I soon learned is that its too special to be open daily. It needs to be open for small groups who are ready to invest their time and creative energy into absorbing all this place has to offer. 

It needs to be open for yoga, and meditation and working with flowers and cutting lavender. 

It isn't meant to be a regular ol' tourist spot. It's more than that. 

I write about it all the time but it seems everyone who comes here can feel it but there aren't words that describe it. But when its golden hour in the lavender and the long shadows from the pines have enveloped the reception yard and I'm sitting underneath an apple tree having a glass of wine and the breeze is perfectly blowing up the hill and the grass is literally waving in the wind and the sun is setting behind the barn and the lavender smells so good... that's the moment. That's when its so so special. 

Anyone who has been here in this hour of the day gets it. Anyone who has been to a gather series  gets it. Anyone who was at my sister's wedding gets it. This place has some weird magic to it, and we are ready to share it with you. 

The brown earth spotted with snowpiles will turn green. I promise you. And it'll be light out at 10pm. And the bistro lights will be swinging overhead and we'll design flowers and make lavender wreaths. And we'll yoga and focus inward.  And it'll be magic. 

If you're interested in magic at a lavender farm, you can read all about what our plans are right here. Registration for all these evenings will open April 2. I made a really adult decision and capped the workshops at tiny numbers like 10, because small groups are better. There are a couple evenings for each, because I know your time up north this summer is limited. 

A couple of questions I'm already getting:

Why are these events on midweek nights? Because our wedding clients are our priority on weekends. 

Can I stay in the tiny house on the night of my workshop? YES. That is actually an amazing idea. We are not opening tiny house reservations until it's absolutely finished, if you're on our mailing list, you will be first to know when it's ready to reserve. But hell yes, come to a flower workshop, walk out to the tiny that night when we finish and sit around the bonfire with someone you love. It sounds so dreamy I wanna do it. 

Can I schedule a private one of these? For just me and my friends & family? Yes, email me directly for the info / pricing. We can discuss dates! 

Wanna start getting an idea of when you'll visit? Head here for the listing. A reminder that nothing goes on sale until April 2, in the meantime if you've got questions I'm here!

Thanks for being here,




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