Where I'm At On Things...

"You aren't doing it like anyone else."

That's what she said to me. An amazing fellow flower sister who I met at a conference last week. She's followed along with this business since we began and her comment meant the world to me. Because I'm not out here trying to be anyone but me. 

My trip to Orlando to learn with Team Flower was both incredible and overwhelming. It lit a fire under my ass for this season. A week ago I would have told you we would going to knock it out of the park this year, but after this conference I can tell you we are going to blow people away. The education, connection and idea exchange was the best part. It has brought to my attention areas we can improve, and it has also affirmed what I'm doing right, the best of both worlds in business ownership. 

One thing I have been really really trying to do since I started all of this is keep it real and take you along with us, the journey in dusting this farm off and bringing it back to life, alongside growing the flower business hasn't been easy- but it is incredibly fulfilling. 

That's why today, I wanted to give you an update of sorts on where we are business wise. I know there are many of you who read this who want to own your own business one day, and some of you who already do! I write these kind of quarterly updates on occasion to keep everyone up to speed with our brand, hold myself accountable and also be able to laugh at myself and how insane my ideas are somedays.... without further ado a good old fashioned "behind the veil" post.... 

2018 Wedding Clients: are so amazing its ridiculous. I have never felt so creatively fulfilled with the stuff on our wedding calendar. We are done taking new weddings for 2018. I'm at a number I feel comfortable with and know that our team will kick ass at. These families that take us in as their own surprise me daily and I'm honored we get to serve them. 

Summer Programming: April kicks off with registration opening for our Summer Programming here at the farm! Eeks! Flower design workshops and lavender workshops are ticketed so if you plan to attend act fast! I chose to limit each one to a very small number in order to be able to: remember names, love on you properly & be able to REALLY give you the attention and time you deserve. Big workshops are fun, but small ones are even better. Read all about it right here. (PS: set a calendar alert for April 2!)

The Squad: A lot of you already know that Egan & Anna are not returning this summer. (Actually still convinced that one of them will show up in August, so it's fine) I got stopped by multiple people at that conference last week who were like "those girls who work with you are so funny." I know people. I know. And while their shoes will be hard to fill, we have offered spots to 3 really amazing women who I can't wait for you to get to know! Bringing on more designers and a studio manager this summer is allowing us to take on more and get this place rocking like never before. Yay! Woman power! 

The garag--(whoops) studio: Holy shit do I have a project waiting for me in the studio. When we finished Christmas at Sweetwater I was so tired I just shut her down and went back into the house. I'm pretty convinced there is an entire family of squirrels just lounging in piles of evergreen and having babies inside urns and compotes. God bless. It's also snow removal season so the tractor is in there and that means that all the shelving got moved for the tractor. I want to take this moment to tell all the little flower dreaming souls out there- if you can avoid making your garage a garage AND studio do it. If you can't, have fun. But in all seriousness- one of my biggest 2018 season goals is organizing a better flow in the studio. I know myself well enough to understand last year I wanted it to look cuter more than I wanted it to function. Well kids, all it took was one year. This year that thing will function. Probably still be semi cute, but holy smokes is that 3 car garage gonna blow us away with its ability!

A cooler: I know a few of you who have a jaw on the floor right now. Because lordy have I ran my mouth off about coolers before. And how we don't need one, and blah blah and blah. Well, when I was at the conference last week and had lunch with a new friend who designs in an equally cold part of the country and she told me that the cooler is allowing her to design weddings on Wednesdays I nearly fell out of my chair. So yes. We are going the coolbot route. I am more than likely about to turn a garden shed into a cooler, becauseeee one day when we build the new studio (a story for a later day, the day after it rains $100 bills on me) I want to be able to move the cooler quite easily. So yay for a spring project! 

The Tiny House: it's happening! Everyday that the ground thaws a little bit my heart skips a beat because the tiny is one day closer to completion! This will be a really fun project to document on social media throughout the spring and early summer. We are aiming to have her open for you to stay in by mid July! 

Camp Sweetwater: is selling so well! It makes my heart swell to think of the group that is coming together for this special event. I can't get over it. I hope to see you there. And to answer a few questions: yes this is the biggest thing we've ever attempted at the farm, no I am not scared, yes there are still tickets. 

Saint Matt: is the freaking best. No real update here except I'm literally madly in love with him and couldn't picture doing all of this alongside anyone else. I also want to publicly thank him for putting up with me on the days I am so annoying I cannot even believe someone married me. Like when I made him watch me for 10 minutes as I popped my head out behind a pillow repeatedly with a new 'character' introduction each time. God bless Saint Matt. 

The barn: It's so funny to me that when we bought this place I thought the barn would be our first big project. I hated it. And now, nearly 3 years later, I cannot imagine it any other way. Sure, one day we will clean her up a bit inside, but if I'm learning anything its not what the floor looked like that people remember when you host them, its how you made them feel. 

The giant wreath: is still up on the side of the barn. It's March. Just keeping shit real here people.

Kalin turns 30: on May 9th. But as Saint Matt reminded me the other day, "you really love your birthday." I talk about this day as if magical things will happen. The skies will part. World peace will happen. Hunger will end. I will find a mysterious package on my doorstep with $100,000 cash in it, red wine will begin burning calories, maple will stop shedding, my knee won't click walking upstairs, the lavender will prune itself. But really, is it time to start celebrating yet? 

The shed: last summer I REALLY neglected the shed when the lavender started blooming. I was overwhelmed and so I started just selling lavender from the shed and completely stopped florals. Not this year. I am officially handing off the 'shed' to the squad for the summer, my goal to loosen the white knuckle grip of control on my business is happening and I am here right now to tell you flowers in the shed this summer, with lavender, and it'll be magic. 

September 23rd: the final Walloon Lake swim of 2017, think we can beat it this year? 

Lavender plants: we have a goal to put a couple hundred new plants in the ground this summer. I'll admit its lofty. Baseball season makes it nearly impossible for Matt to work outside until mid june which will mean most of the ground prep is up to me. I just choked on my kombucha typing that sentence. Jesus take the wheel. I can do this I can do this I can do this...... 

The cutting garden: I'm growing dahlias again this year after taking 2017 off. Please light a dahlia intention candle & prepare for beauty... 

You: yes you! I can't thank you enough for being here. Being a creative entrepreneur can be incredibly lonely some days, but your unending support of this weird ass brand means the world This is a wild ride to be on, and I'm glad you're on it with me! See you at the farm this summer hopefully.