The In-Between Season

Something weird happens each year here at Sweetwater that is hard to explain but I'm gonna try like hell right now. 

I call it 'the in between' and it's early this year. This thing happens where most of the snow melts, the sun starts shining, everything turns into a mud pit, but its still winter. 

And your heart says 'get out there! let's get to work!' and your body says, 'holy shit I'm not ready' and your brain says 'everyone calm the hell down we still have months.' 

But I feel it in everything. We get 3 days of sunshine here in the North and everyone thinks it all starts tomorrow. Because all of us up here are anxiously waiting for go time. 

Living in SUCH a seasonal location has its perks. Matt and I are big fans of going out for date night in the winter and never waiting for a table, never having trouble finding parking and never feeling rushed. The 'fringe season' which to me is Sept - Oct is the best time of the year to live up north; the water is warm, the lake is empty. Other off season perks include; everyone knowing you by name, supporting small local businesses through the winter, and the most obvious- an entire 6 month period with a way more normal and laidback work schedule. 

But this life that revolves around weather is an odd one too. It's insane to me that I make my entire living for a year between May-October each year. It also (sometimes) makes me sad to think about how quickly it all goes by, but then I am reminded of how if it didn't pass quickly I would probably perish. We all know I also thrive on deadlines and insanity so having a dedicated busy season is what I live for. So it all works. 

And so during the 'in-between' each year, we are restless and anxious and ready and a bit nervous. But we've got this, it's what we do. 

And so while I'm dreaming of the days the studio is organized and bursting with flowers and it's light until 10pm and the farm is filled with amazing people and the van is headed to weddings each Saturday morning, I am also enjoying these last few windy, muddy, snow filled days of the in-between. 

It will snow again. Big time. But you see- we've crossed over. The worst is behind us. It'll come and then it'll melt and the base is gone so it won't seem as bad. And it'll get cold again. But it won't be -28 degrees multiple mornings in a row again. And it'll ice again, and Matt will have more snow days- but it isn't here to stay. It's almost like it'll revisit to remind us who is really in control. 

And suddenly, the tulips will poke out and the ground will thaw and the lavender driveway will be back open and I'll dust off some work clothes and head outside. 

The Spring list is insane. Prep the cutting garden. (I can't plant until close to Memorial Day weekend) Landscape fabric / holes for the new lavender bed (aiming for 300 plants). The tiny will have hella progress happening. Re-organize / re-set the entire studio (last year we had some flow issues so it's back to the drawing board with layout) And oh yeah, a giant beautiful enormous incredible wedding in May (happy dance). 

So the in-between list is prepare as much as I can for these projects and then wait patiently (the hardest part) and rest and relax and realize that its early March, NOT early May. 

We'll get there. 

In the meantime, if you need me, I'll be in the in-between. 



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