The Month of Light

December, whoa, hi - how is it going?

Can we all just quit with the holiday magic shit? I’m serious. Can we relieve ourselves of the insane pressure and burden we feel to buy buy buy and make everything picture perfect for our families, partners, loved ones and tribe members?

You know what is magic? The same old weird stuff you love every holiday season. Watching that same movie after you’ve eaten too much. Opening gifts in the same order. Hanging the same ornaments on the tree, drinking a Hummer as you play a board game with your siblings.

You know what isn’t magic? Losing our minds over hiding elves who got into crazy American Idol Production Budget Style magic, going into debt to prove our love to people, re-theme-ing your tree each year so its more share worthy and perfect.

Oh my sweet. Just let it go. Buy the store bought cookies. Toss them on the table at the holiday potluck. Hang the same stockings, yes, the mismatched ones, put two ornaments on the tree if that’s all you want.

Your worth is not proven by the gold scriptey font on your holiday card. If its causing you stress and can be eliminated - do it.

The real magic of this time of year is light. Yes. Light. And the obvious thought is lights on the tree, but I also mean the lighting of the Menorah, the lighting of the Advent wreath, the amazing beauty of your candle lighting another but that initial light never dimming or getting smaller.

And yes, I was raised in Catholic Schools, trust me I know what advent is all about. And no, I don’t practice Catholicism any longer. Instead I look at the Menorah, the Advent Wreath, the candles in the window sill, the lights on the trees, I look at it all as this; lighting the way.

Its a dark ass time of year. So dark it was 4:50 pm when I started writing this, I could barely see outside. Just yesterday I had to go look at Wally’s poop (aren’t you glad you read this?) and it was 5:30 PM & I needed a headlamp.

All of this light, the candles, they are lighting the way.

For what? Some would say God, the savior, baby Jesus in the manger if that’s your flavor, whatever you wanna believe- I choose to think - all this beautiful light is lighting the way, ushering in, our wishes for a new season.

A new year. A new wish. A new bag of them, a long long list of wishes and hopes and dreams and stuff we will inevitably fail at but dammit we are gonna try.

So I’m lighting my candle for you, for me, to open up the space - to usher in what it is I wish for.

And while that candle is burning, I’m wrapping gifts in the same paper I’ve used for 3 years, watching Its a Wonderful Life for the 23092832th time, not sending cards this year- and giving myself just a little bit more grace.

I invite you to do the same.



Kalin Sheick4 Comments