Write the next chapter.

It’s my 2019 mantra. Join me? Its not difficult or particularly daunting, its just a simple reminder that whatever we want is possible and this year we are going to write this chapter.

Now, chapters are sometimes long, and take unexpected turns. So if you wanna write into your story about finding a great partner, I somehow doubt you’ll meet him or her today- but we don’t like instant gratification around here do we?

When I told a friend my mantra this year she thought it seemed like I was about to share huge news about the business. I’m not. Writing the next chapter doesn’t have to be a huge thing. It just needs to be meaningful.

And by ‘write’ I mean, do shit in your life to make what you want happen.

So yeah, the internet is overflowing right now with sheets that make you get your goals in line, and ebooks about kicking the new year off with a family schedule and system, and some guy on YouTube is charging you $200 to learn how to date properly (that’s real) and you joined a gym and you’re going off alcohol for 60 days and all the things….

These are all great things. I love motivation. But remember- no one can want it for you. And money and set amounts of days on a calendar rarely make the change for you - its gotta be something you write into your life.

You gotta want it bad.

Here is a list of chapters my tribe is writing this year, feel free to steal one away and make it the chapter you’re writing;

Get engaged to my partner who respects me and loves me, make my business profitable and sustainable, fix my marriage and get into counseling, focus on ‘me’ so I can be a better mom, finally finally get control of my health by creating a health team that I trust, leave the job that is sucking the life out of me for one that I enjoy going to, give my husband our garage back and get a new flower studio (seriously don’t know who that one is), the chapter where we go on vacation & make out for the first time in 10 years, plan a wedding that is authentically us and not what someone else wants for us, do more things that make me happy.

So many good chapters to write! So many good vibes! I’m stoked. Aren’t you?

I can’t wait to hear what your 2019 mantra is! You’re gonna rock it.

Cheers to a New Year filled with flowers and amazing clients and workshops and good vibes and boopings and the farm and our tribes and new adventures for all of us.



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