The forgotten middle child gets its own blog post....

My entire life we always joked that my sister Egan was the ‘forgotten middle child.’

And while I don’t think it scarred her too much, being the middle of anything is tough, which is why I’m writing a freaking blog post about our Thanksgiving Centerpiece Workshop this year.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece is always funny because its sandwiched right in the middle of wreath workshops and Christmas at Sweetwater, therefore meaning it is typically talked about less, promoted last minute and generally just… forgotten.

Which is sad because its truly one of my favorite events of the YEAR.

Here’s why:

Amazing venue. This year we are at The Talcott in Walloon Village.

Snacks + Wine provided by our partner this year, Hotel Walloon.

Beautiful fresh florals to get your hands in to decorate your Thanksgiving Table.

Hands on instruction from a tall loud blonde chick wearing a sidebraid.

Okay, let’s get serious here, its just a fun event. Its held on Tuesday night before Turkey Day, so your flowers will be fresh and ready for the table.

Plus, the holiday season is crazy and sometimes you need a little night out to learn something, get creative, and knock one more thing off your to do list.

See you there.

I’ve got 10 spots left for this year and hope you’ll join me.

Have the best week.



Kalin SheickComment