Winter Survival + Favs

Good Lord people. The plague. I feel like everyone has it. And I'm over here just washing my hands for the 2392832938th time today and eating every fermented food ever. 

Winter is the time of compromised immune systems. Trust this, when your husband works in a public school, everything known to man has made it into our house. Even better, when I worked in TV news traveling to new places every day and shaking 2323 hands our house was germland. 

Now I'm no doctor, (I know, I'm shocked too) but I do have some very strict 'Kalin hates being sick' workflows in place. You see, I'm a BIG fan of prevention. Before you get into this, I'm warning you, you may look at this and think 'how am I supposed to do all of this? There is no way.' I am not saying do all of it. But hopefully you'll find one or two things in here that help ward off the sickies. 

Your Body: Ya gotta move it. I do not think you have to run 15 miles a day. But ya gotta sweat and stretch and move. I'm all about working out in a way that I feel like doing. So between snowshoeing, yoga, pilates and Florida beach walks (the best) I try and move 4-5 times a week. When I gave up working out like everyone else and started doing things that I LOVE it changed the game for me.

Also, massage. If you have the ability to get a massage from a great therapist I suggest doing do so, stat. Massage has some incredible benefits for our immunity but also helps our lymphatic systems move some gunk around and gives our hard working tissue a real break. Treat yourself my friends.

Your Eats: FERMENTED FOODS. I cannot say this enough. Just google gut health and pour yourself a glass of kombucha and start reading. My fermented obsession really stays with kombucha, probiotic kimchi shots (I know, I just typed that) and sauerkraut. However there are tons! Get yourself some fermented food everyday. (I aim for 1/2 cup at least). You already know this but here is where I type ya gotta eat veg & fruits too. Ok. All done. 

Your soul: For me this is yoga. For some its church. Meditating. Reading spiritual books. Skiing. Whatever. For the love of god, put down your phone and go somewhere and do something quiet. For an hour. When you focus on breathing, and you aren't distracted, magical things can happen- like suddenly you are in a better mood and NOT biting everyones head off. 

Your skin: Between the furnace inside and the zero moisture outside, the winter is tough on our skin. I'm currently obsessed with this facewash & this moisture stick. I am also in love with Blue Ridge Hemp Co. products. I use the essential oil roll ons for the occasional headache and the 'breathe easy' for stuffiness. FUN FACT: Use the promo code "STEMSANDSPRIGS" at checkout for Blue Ridge Hemp Co. for a discount! (not a paid ad, I just love them)

Over the last year I've worked to clear out anything from our home that has toxic chemicals, especially the stuff I'm slathering on my skin. Do your homework on your products friends. I love the Think Dirty app for this. 

Your sleep. We are probably never gonna stop talking about sleep on this blog, because I will never not believe it is the most powerful wellness tool we have available to us. My mom laughs at my sleep obsession considering my horrendous colic as a baby had me really not ever interested in sleeping, like, ever. BUT people change and damn do I love some good shuteye. 

I've talked about this before but if you haven't read "The Sleep Revolution" you're missing out. It'll share with you the science (in a fun enjoyable way) about why we need more sleep than ever. When in doubt, go to bed.  Our bodies are able to perform functions while we sleep that they cannot do when we are awake, like scrubbing our brains, and helping to prevent disease and fight off immune system attackers. 

And lastly, 

Something to look forward to. No matter where you're reading this, even if it isn't freezing cold and dark, you need something to look forward to. It may be seeing an old friend for lunch on a Saturday, or a 2-week trip to somewhere tropical, regardless- make it a priority to have something on the calendar that excites you. I firmly believe it helps keep us healthy and positive. Someone to love, something to do & something to look forward to.

I would love to hear what you're doing to stay healthy this winter / any both products you are loving! 





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