Joining the 2018 Stems Squad

Every year I get more excited for this post. Because as we grow these companies, things just get SO much more exciting!

Our team is the core of this operation during wedding & events season. We are obsessed with serving our clients real deal hospitality, which means remembering names, genuinely caring about them and going the extra mile to make everyone comfortable and blown away at their event. 

The team we put together each season becomes a family and Matt and I open our home to this family on the daily (like, literally, we each lunch in our kitchen and the dog thinks it has like 3 new moms and very often I'm outside cutting flowers in my jammies when the team gets here each day and you'll get to know my entire family really well because my mom brings snacks).

So without further ado, since I know some of you have been waiting on this, below is who we are looking for this year. Please read the descriptions carefully including the paragraph right below this one that covers every position and how to apply. 

REQUIRED for team members: Valid driver's license with a clean driving record. 2 references (one personal, one professional). Serious work ethic. Always on time. Enjoy being outside. Attention to detail. Able to shake someone's hand and look them in the eye. Physically able to perform job duties: lifting, carrying, schlepping, can stand for long periods of time. Friendly. Kind. Able to make quick decisions under pressure. Always meets a deadline. 

A note on flowers: we will train the right people in these positions to acquire the design skills they need. We do not train people to be hard workers, ya gotta come to the table with that one.

BONUS (not required, but definitely awesome): You like snacks. Love Northern Michigan. A passion for flowers, lavender and events. You don't tailgate people. You love dogs. You yearn to be a part of something that is growing and gaining momentum and you're up for a challenge. 

PLEASE DO NOT APPLY IF: you don't work hard, you are a bully, you are a mean nasty person who doesn't work well with others, you hate beautiful things and being outside.

Marketing / Events Intern: We are seeking a college student who is looking for an internship for school credit, that focuses heavily on marketing, events & hospitality here at the farm. You will be responsible for the farm's social media, helping organize on-farm events, client management for farm schedule & executing a design plan for each event that has been pre-approved. This person absolutely needs to be able to work independently and is a team player and self starter with good time management skills. This team member will work closely with me. Your day may look like this: giving a farm tour, writing a farm Facebook post, organizing for an event later in the week, answering farm emails, bundling lavender for guest favors, and then welcoming everyone to the farm that afternoon for yoga. This position will run for the summer months and flexibility is an option based on school / travel schedule. Ya gotta have housing within commuting distance to Petoskey. 

Designers: Our designers are in the studio with us Wed-Sat each week. You MUST BE ABLE to work Saturdays. We start early so being a morning person is an added bonus. We are willing to train but a passion for flowers is a must. Yes, we get to play with flowers, but there is also a ton of sweeping, bucket washing, processing, cardboard box breaking down and general studio cleanup. Designers come with us to weddings and must be able to thrive under pressure while maintaining strong vendor/client relationships. This position runs full steam ahead from the last week of May - mid-October. If you are flower obsessed, and more importantly- obsessed with making beautiful things, come join us. We are open to working with schedules with this position. (we get that school may start back up for you in September and you gotta bounce)

Studio Manager: Do you love a clean, tidy & organized space? Do you enjoy setting up, tearing down and rearranging things? We are looking for a studio manager this year. This unique position will help us keep a 'flow' going in the studio Weds - Friday most weeks. Candidate must enjoy organization, flow, helping others, and be willing to take on a 3-car garage as their 'home base' for the summer. Job duties may include, design day management, picking up lunch, processing flowers, prepping vases, stocking and managing our flower shed, running our studio recycling program and organizing for big weddings. Often the studio manager will be the first one there each day and the last one to leave (alongside myself). With this position our goal is to allow our designers to have shorter days so they are fresher for wedding work on Saturdays. 

Interested in any of these positions? Have more questions? Really wanna come work here but first you want to tell me your life story of how you live across the country and have a full time job already? Don't see a position for you but feel it in your bones you need to come here and be a part of this? I welcome all of it. Please email me directly & attach a resume if you have one:

To the Stems Squad!


PS- it goes without saying but I'm putting it here because its important, we never ever ever make team member decisions based on your race, religion, sexual orientation, looks, voting party or any of that jazz- all are welcome here, and we treat our clients the same. 

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