Northern Michigan Favs: The Yoga Cave

I got pretty into yoga a few years ago. Even hot yoga (I know, intense). I found myself loving the challenge and I felt myself quickly getting stronger. 

But suddenly yoga turned into a competition I wasn't all about. And I realized that if I was going into class with a mindset of competing against everyone else in the room, that wasn't the practice I wanted. In turn, trying to beat everyone in the room, my back started hurting, bad. Bummer. 

Right around that time I discovered Pilates and dropped yoga like it was hot. Pilates made my back feel so good and I found an amazing place to train with great instructors and loved the workout. It was sweaty and I felt taller when I left. A win win.

But the woo woo spiritual universe listening side of me missed yoga. Because let's face it. No matter how many times I tell myself I'm gonna roll out my mat at home and stretch and focus for an hour, it doesn't happen. The dog is farting in my face, I can hear the dishwasher needs to be emptied. The dryer buzzed. My computer is right there and I'm sure there's an email that needs me. Home practice is not for me. 

So I found The Yoga Cave in Petoskey and the rest is sort of history. And it's today's Northern Michigan Favorite. 

Let's be clear why I love this place:

1.) ZERO ego. Come as you are. Come as WHO you are. Just show up and magical things happen. Y'all I go to class in the famous tattered grey sweatshirt multiple times a week, no judgement zone. Beccy is always saying 'your body your practice' and I love this. 

2.) Props galore. Good lord I love me a block (or 3) and bolster. When your hips are as tight as mine (read: tightest ever), you need every prop in the book. The essential oil game is being tossed in here with props because somedays Beccy is on another level with oils being used in class and it's SO good. Oh did I mention that during savasana there is a lavender eucalyptus hot towel given to you? #praisehands

3.) VIBES.  its dark (because it's a cave, duh) and quiet and small and intimate. Something about the space being small makes me feel less vulnerable. 

4.) People Make a Place and Beccy (owner) is an incredible instructor. She's there with loads of modifications if you need them (raising hand) she knows your name, she remembers what you have going on. She is also funny when everyone needs a laugh and serious when we need to focus.  She genuinely freaking loves yoga and wants you to love it too. So if you're running late to class just send a little text and you arrive to your mat and props all set up. #hospitality goals. And lastly,

5.) its like a little cave family. I was kinda late to the cave party and the regulars opened me with welcome arms. This is the difference between other studios I've been at. Lots of love happening in the cave. I genuinely look forward to class because I know how many people I adore are going to be there.

Another reason this made the favs list? Beccy puts on loads of special events of stuff you want to try and she keeps it really affordable. On New Years Day Matt and I went to a 2 hour event that had an hour slow-flow practice and then an hour of Yoga Nidra, something I've been wanting to try for so long! 

Do yourself a favor, and just try a visit to the cave. I promise it'll be worth it. It's a magical little yoga place with good ass people who really are walking the walk about what yoga is really about. And that's why its my fav. 

For more information on The Yoga Cave Petoskey you can head here. 

Namaste y'all. 




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