Northern Michigan Favs: Hotel Walloon

It's no secret that I adore Walloon Lake. It's my favorite place on the planet. My favorite blue, my favorite smell, my favorite feeling. We got married on the lake, my favorite days are spent on this lake and my favorite place for a cup of coffee is on the porch at my parents. 

So it's obvious that Hotel Walloon would make it into my Northern Michigan Favs category- but first we had to stay there! 

Look, we all wear busy as a badge of honor. Trust me. As much as I despise it I've found myself saying 'so busy' when asked how I am lately. But are we too busy to make time for what is most important to us? 

So Matt and I wanted to go away for a night and stay at Hotel Walloon, and yes it was a weeknight, and yes it was only a short stay but it was something I didn't realize how badly we needed it until we got there.

What impressed me most is the staff, design & attention to detail. Hotel Walloon is small, which I love because it feels intimate and special. We had a lot of fun just sitting in the lobby by the giant fireplace enjoying a glass of wine. The rooms were perfect and we walked to dinner at The Walloon Lake Inn that night, which was delicious.

"But you live so close!" I know. We laughed about how the car wasn't even warm by the time we arrived. Sometimes a staycation is all that you need. Nothing compares to a great hotel and one with impeccable service and design is just a bonus. 

If you can swing it. Go. Book a midweek night in the winter and rates are surprisingly affordable. Enjoy yourself. Step away from the badge of busy. Busy is comfortable. Busy is something that we define ourselves with. You know what was better? Spending 50 minutes not on a screen, next to a beautiful fireplace, talking to my husband. Walking to dinner hand in hand and leaving my phone behind. 

Sneak away. And let me know how you like Hotel Walloon. 

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