on summer 2.0

I know I know, its all anyone is talking about if you live Up North right now but with good reason, this weather is INSANE. 

It has been so hot. SO HOT. And I've been calling it Summer 2.0. 

We left the farm on Friday night and haven't been back, we've moved into my parents cottage (it has AC) and it feels like we are on vacation. It's really really nice. The mermaid in me swam most of yesterday. It was one of those days where you jump in, then 5 minutes later you jump in again. 

Our three brides this week had their 'fall weddings' without a hitch, and they'll remember them for a million reasons, one of them being their sweltering hot day.

I often get asked if we have a cooler in the studio, we do not. Unlike most florists, we rely on our garage space to do the work. The garage is built into a hill and the doors face north. It stays incredibly cool in there at all times, but on Friday we had to move the operation to the AC. First time all season I moved flowers, and coincidentally it was the first day of fall.

It's weird. Weird to have the temp be this high and the lake is empty. Weird that on the most incredible night of the season we were the only ones at the swimming hole. Bizarre that the traffic in town is basically zero but the water is sparkling. 

As much as I've complained about it. I'm now seeing it as a gift. (Note: this would not be happening if I wasn't sleeping in AC this week) You see, everyone who lives up here, we work like crazy in the summer. It's just our life. It's something we do in order to live in this incredibly beautiful place. And so this little tiny Summer 2.0 is a gift. It's letting us sneak out on the water, and swim, and nap and do all the things our amazing visitors do when they come here. 

Because after Labor Day, even though weddings still happen every weekend, it feels a bit slower. A teeny tiny small little bit slower. Slow enough that you can jump in and jump in again. 

And that's what I'm headed off to do. Until mid-week, when the high is in the 50's. No place I'd rather be. 




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