on the 2017 wedding season.

There are 48 couples out there who are newly married and we flowered for this season. They are husband and wife, wife and wife, husband and husband. They are in their 20's 30's 40' and 50's. They are at this for the first time. They are trying again. They are reborn from heartbreak. They are buying homes, and back in school, and waiting on babies, and switching careers. They are waiting in lines to change a last name. They are realizing that marriage is officially the moment where you go to make a decision and remember 'oh yea- this isn't just about me anymore.' 

They honeymooned in Italy and Thailand and Petoskey and Chicago. They didn't honeymoon and instead went back to work on Monday. They had giant celebrations with 300 people and they had tiny weddings in the backyard with just the kids. 

They cried and moms cried. Dads too. They danced and ate and drank and laughed and ate late night tacos. They sorted through cards and gifts and a dress was piled on the floor in the corner. 

They woke up the next morning married. Not thinking about the escort card table, or the violin player or who sat together at table 14. But when they opened their eyes, more often than not- they looked and saw a bouquet. 

And although its a bit tattered, and beaten up now, they still love it. And so many people held it, your husband, your wife, gram, mom, your bestie, your sister, Aunt Diane, the photographer, the planner, your new sister in law. They held it while you fixed your shoe, your hair, your lipstick, while you attempted to go pee, while you hugged grandpa, when you danced with dad.

That bouquet. We held it first. It started as one stem. And Kesha was blaring on a bluetooth speaker, and while I worked on it Anna & Egan designed your centerpieces and bridesmaids bouquets and before the flowers even arrived Lily and I talked about it and she ordered the ingredients. And while we designed we chatted about you and your wedding. And even though we make a few each week when every single one is finished we go 'ooooooh.' 

And I fretted over it. I always do. I woke up the morning of your wedding and crept into the studio and fixed a few things, checked on it. Made sure it had water and was happy and doing well. 

And some say 'they are just flowers' and 'they are gonna die anyway.' But its your bouquet. And its so important to me.  It is why I started this company. It is the most important piece of your wedding day 'decor.'

And then we loaded up the van, often times both vans and we drove to where it was all happening. And we stopped at home depot, and for coffee, and we were all a little stressed. But we laughed and got there. And we searched for cottages. And we illegally parked. And even though I have delivered dozens and dozens of bridal bouquets, I still get the teeniest little butterfly in my stomach when I knock on your hotel room door. And I hear 90's rap music playing and the laughter of women and my heart glows because this is about so much more than the flowers. 

And you're standing there, or sometimes (often times) sitting in a chair with someone doing your makeup and I walk over and you see it and smile and I want to cry and sometimes you cry and sometimes we both do! And your sister mentions how much she loves it and your best friend from college is pouring champagne and attempting to take a photo of it and your mom is doing that weird things moms do when they like fan their eyes. And I give you a little tutorial on how to hold it, and I show you and then I ask you, 'do you like it?' And you respond 'I love it." 

And then it's yours. A little piece of my weird creative heart sits in a hotel room, or your cottage, or your bedroom and then it travels all day with you as you marry your best friend. A piece of this team. 

And we go and make the rest of the magic happen. Shuffling ladders and moving buckets and zip tieing things (omg so many zip ties) and fluffing the last of the blooms, and snipping and trimming and moving and adjusting and hanging and styling and then its ready. I imagine it's how moms & dads felt all those years setting the stuff under the tree around 11pm on Dec. 24 and smashing a cookie and glass of milk and creating magic. Boot stains in the carpet, and boot prints in the snow outside, and assembling a bike and making everything look so perfect. When you're 7 on Christmas Morning you don't notice how the helmet was just hanging from the bike handle so perfectly. When you're in your wedding dress you won't notice that ONE rose that so freaking perfectly looked at you from the table your parents were at and that we chose the best centerpiece to go right in your line of vision. But I'm not out here sweating my ass off and managing a team and working every weekend of the summer to have you notice that stuff, I'm out here- because the helmet on the handle and the rose facing you and the dahlia that stole the show on the arbor --those details--- they are done in love. 

When you create from a place of love, that's what makes magic happen. 

And we go get lunch. And we are exhausted. I sleep the entire ride home. We unload the van and joke about next week. And the girls go home. And here's the weirdest part, I go about my normal life that night you are married. Walk the dog, have some wine, hang out with Matt. Go to Meijer. Make dinner. And that entire evening I think of you. And sometimes Matt has to tell me to get off my phone, because I look for signs you are happy. I search your wedding hashtag and see your friends having a ball. One night we went out for ice cream and drove by one of our own weddings, and I saw you out there on the dancefloor, dancing SO HARD with your friends and your new husband was dancing too and I looked at Matt and said "omg she's so happy." It's all so worth it. 

And I wake up on Sundays. And sometimes you've texted me at 2am, or emailed me or somehow gotten a message to me and they are short and sweet and perfect and the fact that you think of the tall loud girl who designed your flowers at the end of the day tells me our clients are the best. And the messages say the most incredible things, "today was perfect." "Best day ever." "Thank you SO much." And I pour coffee and let the dog out and a new week begins. And we get ready for the next group of celebrations.

And now, we clean up a studio, we change it over to produce Christmas wreaths. I put away the special toolkits and mugs and buckets and boxes and boxes of vases. And our 2018 brides are waiting. We even get to flower in January this year. And then in May the busy season begins again, with dozens and dozens of love stories we get to be a small part of. 

2017 you surpassed any expectation I ever had. Anna, Egan, Lily, Matt, thank you for being on this team and making this happen. To the dozen freelancers who came in and flowered your butts off to make magic on a special weekend or two, thank you. To our incredible couples; y'all are the best. 

2017 Wedding season.....