on a rainy july morning.

I've been waiting on this rain. A slow, steady, hours long summer rain. We need it. The grass is a bit crispy and this lovely storm will save us a couple hours of lugging hoses and watering sod and grass seed spots and the garden today. 

But above all else, it reminds me that this weather cannot stay forever. 

For the first time in a long time as I do my morning emails with hot coffee and giant dog laying at my feet, its dark in here. Like so dark I have a light on. I'm reminded of winter mornings, with my blankies on and socks and the furnace chugging along to warm up the house that we let get to 59 overnight. I'm reminded of spending a few hours hashing out an idea, which seems foreign right now. 

This season is for quick decisions. I yearn to sit and work on the Hygge retreat plan for next year, or wreath workshop dates, or some really awesome cool stuff we have planned for Christmas time here at the farm, but instead, survival mode means I clear an inbox and then start all over again tomorrow. 

The other day I had a moment where I got sad that everything felt stale. The website. The blog. The brand. My brain. But then I remembered that routine is not stale, its safe. And I'm keeping myself safe during our busy season. 

The risky out there bizarre 'lets see if this works' stuff is not for wedding season. Because wedding season is not about me. 

And that my friends, is the lesson. May-Oct is about our clients. These incredible couples who love one another and then love what we do and chose to have us a part of their day. The couples who give us so much grace when I write back "I am slammed this week, can we move this call to next Monday?" Our couples who write us thank you notes that make me cry and leave reviews on the internet that prove to the next summer's worth of couples that we can do it and we will and you'll love it. 

My summer is about them. 

So these crazy out there ideas and big announcement about Christmas at Sweetwater (well I just told ya the name) are for later. Because August September and October are right around the corner with absolutely gorgeous celebrations. 

Thanks for choosing us.