on may.

I'm happy May is over. Just being honest. It's a tough month for me because it's absolute insanity in our house. 

May means wedding season prep, and a shit ton of outside work. And it also means varsity baseball kicks into overdrive, so my time actually seeing Matt is limited. And then I feel like a total brat because every time I do see him all we talk about is when we are going to get stuff done on the farm and the project list.

BUT MAY IS NOW OVER. May also has a lot of burn piles going, all the time. We are so country. At least we are NEVER the people randomly shooting off fireworks or guns (I love safety). 

May kicked off with a week full of client meetings. I got to meet with 3 of our brides and it just makes me so damn excited for their wedding. Because when I get to meet them actually in person, so much clicks. Plus I get to introduce myself before I drop their bridal bouquet off to them and I'm crying into a paper towel. #truelife

May also kicked off with my final weekend on the wine and turning 29. We went to Cafe Sante for dinner with my parents and celebrated another trip around the sun for me. It was a perfect little celebration. I started Whole30 around this time. (Full blog post coming soon)

We taught our Mother-Daughter workshop at Bowers Harbor Winery that weekend and it was our last workshop until wreaths! I'm a little emo as I adore this time with our clients / blog readers but no worries- it'll be wreath time before we know it. 

On Mother's Day we sold flowers at our popup shop at North Perk Coffee and I got to see so many hilarious and awkward 13-15 year old boys walk into a coffee shop sort of panicked and say to the barista "DO YOU SELL GIFTCARDS" and they say "yup" and then the boys go "MAY I PLEASE HAVE ONE FOR $20" ---boys and gifts. So funny to me. When in doubt- run to the coffee shop for your mom on Mother's Day. 

We kicked off the following week with a big styled shoot at Fieldguide Farmhouse. It was a giant undertaking with a bunch of vendors, we were a small small part of it- however I did get to trial run the '5 golden rings' as an install. Learned a lot. Cannot wait to show you the images from this. 

My sister's Bridal Shower was the next weekend and it was a blast. I loved seeing so many people who have known us and loved us for so long. My sister is the best, as you all know we are very close, so it was fun to watch her get showered in love. The big wedding is SO SOON! 

We had another styled shoot the following week, it was a fun challenge to play with ridiculous color, like bright vibrant neons and pastels and yellows and orange and blue and cherry reds. These are not your 'typical' wedding colors, so I trialed a few different things with the bouquet. Not just color, style of design, a trick I'm trying to incorporate into structure work and some other weird stuff. When I am set loose on bridals they end up being enormous in the best way, this one was no different. Pics soon! 

The month ended with a Memorial Day weekend for the record books. The entry would read like this: On this weekend in 2017, thanks to Pilates and Moskal Chiropractic and eating healthy Kalin Elizabeth Sheick pruned and weeded lavender & laid landscaping fabric without her back being injured. Let it be known her back survived. I'm serious you all. Pruning & weeding the lavender is no joke. But its done. 

We also learned in May our lavender will be featured ON TAP at a brand new "cidery" going in on our road in July, an apple-lavender hard cider. YUM. Details soon!

Alright June...... show us what you got. 10 weddings and Egan's Bachelorette Party..... we can handle that. 

See ya! 

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