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I'm starting this blog post on my first day of Whole30 which happens to be my birthday. I'm trying to 'reframe my mindset' that this is a gift to myself. I decided to keep this open in my drafts folder all month and bounce in here on occasion for a daily update. It'll be a lot more real than me writing on Day 30 how freaking great I feel because I know this won't be easy. 

Oh PS- I am only slightly embarrassed how many people have texted me Happy Birthday with wine and champagne emojis and notes like 'enjoy all the wine tonight' --- 30 days without is probably way overdue. 

Peace & Blessings. 

DAY 1: Its my birthday I sleep in a bit. I"m emotional because I'm home alone most of today so my piss poor attitude is a little EW. However, I am pleasantly surprised by how delicious NutPods 1/2 & 1/2 in my coffee is. Its the Whole30 version of 'people who are addicted to organic 1/2 and 1/2' its good! Mom and I snort laugh on the phone for a good ten minutes about NutPod jokes like we are 12 years old. I make eggs for breakfast and I'm surviving thus far. Egan just called me and said 'have you quit yet?' I'm 4 hours in. 

DAY 1 UPDATE: Jules and Anne surprised me with a Whole30 birthday lunch here at the house. I almost cried because I was so grateful. Friendship rules. 

DAY 3: I'm doing pretty well. I miss wine. The afternoon is the toughest for me, I get SO FREAKING TIRED by like 4pm I could crawl in bed. I also notice I have a small headache throughout the day.  I also have a sore throat and feel a bit achey. As to be expected I read. The being tired is the toughest part. And wait- I have a sore throat. I almost feel like I'm getting sick if that makes sense? Its bearable, nothing too crazy, but its sort of that malaise you feel when a cold is coming on. Holy smokes the body is amazing. 

DAY 4-5: I'm 'cruising' as I tell Matt.  A lot of people talk about this part of the program being the one where they want to kill everybody and they have mood swings. This evening Matt and I were talking about the chainsaw because I want to take down a tree so I asked him to teach me how to use it and then this happened ----  " I would prefer it if to get started you use the chainsaw when I'm home only just to be safe." I have a moment where I panic thinking maybe Matt is no longer a feminist, I actually snap back at hime "wait- are you no longer a feminist?" and then I realize its the lack of dairy talking. I am ok. I should not be using a chainsaw at home alone ever. I also really want ice cream. 

Day 8: Today is day 8 for me. I feel really really good. No headaches or any other symptoms. I've never eaten so many sweet potatoes in my life. But feeling really good!

Day 11: I'm leaving to go downstate this weekend for my sister's bridal shower. I have a bag of W30 approved things to snack on the entire ride down. As for how I feel I can honestly say I feel really good. Its bizarre. I'm sleeping deeply, my weird red rash around my nose is gone, my eye whites are SO WHITE and I just feel really really really good. 

Day 13: Today was marked by our annual "Chicken Sisters" outing. Where myself, and big group of friends of ours pile into a party bus and go to Dam Site Inn for Chicken dinners and general rowdiness. I was the only sober one. Which was hysterical. At one point my friend Pat (who has done Whole30) leaned over to me on the party bus and was like "please blog about that time on whole30 you went to a chicken place with a bunch of loud boys" --- I had blast. The waiter was like "oh god you're on whole30 at this place" and then brought me a special plate of carrot sticks celery and grapes. I love people. 

Day 16: Real talk: my period started yesterday. I have never in my life felt more hungry. Its a weird little blip in this challenge for me. I was CRUISING- and while I still feel amazing, I am eating cashews and avacados like its nobodys business right now. I'm typically snacky when Aunt Flo is visiting for all the things that I can't have right now; chocolate; a chocolate muffin, dark chocolate peanut butter cups (holy shit my mouth is watering) and a fat glass of red wine. During a weak moment last night I laid in bed and watched Giada make some 'farmers pasta' dish. It was essentially a recipe that goes like this: boil pasta. melt 34232 cheeses together in a pan with parsley and garlic, toss in the pasta, cover in bread crumbs drenched in butter, bake. "Oh screw off Giada." then I went to bed. 

Memorial Day weekend is soon but I have a few things going for me: A- my parents are out of town, meaning our family rowdiness will be way toned down and not as many temptations B- the weather looks 'meh' at best. I'll be sipping my la croix and pom mocktail on the boat all weekend but soon I shall feel like Beyonce...... 

Day 17: My snackiness is so bad at night right now (aunt flo) that I power cleaned the entire first floor of the house the other night. But oddly enough around this time in my cycle every. single. month. I have a breakout. Like a gross cluster of acne (sorry if you're reading while sipping your coffee.) Not this month. My skin is so clear. So thanks W30- for forcing me to deal with a pile of crap I tucked in a corner of the den like 3 months ago & for letting me not have a giant zit this month.... I've searched the entire internet for people writing blogs about being on their period during Whole30- WOMEN WHY AREN'T WE TALKING ABOUT THIS-- this is my biggest challenge so far. I want to cheat so badly. SO BADLY. 

Day 18: I had a dream last night about being at a winery in Italy with my  family and it was so beautiful and then suddenly the waiter turned to me and was like 'none for you Whole30 girl.'  That's nice. One of the biggest takeaways I've had on this entire thing is how good I feel in the morning when I DONT drink wine the night before. Even a glass with dinner (okay also while cooking dinner) seems to leave me a bit bloated in the morning or I don't sleep well at all. Thinking hard about how I may need to seriously re-visit how many evenings I have vino once I'm back to real life. It might be something I try to save for weekends only.  Matt is very sweet and called me on his way home from work to ask if "I would mind if he had a beer tonight" --- a spectator came in the dugout at baseball and called him a dick. I think he needs like 4 beers. He's sweet for asking. 

Day 19: I'm so burned out on eggs. I can't eat another egg. For a few days at least. I stopped eating them like 4 days ago and the memory is still fresh. I hate you eggs. While I'm taking time off I'm realizing that I need so little food to function in the day now. It's bizarre. Some nuts, an avacado, a lunch salad and some veggies and salmon for dinner. Weird. But hi- my jeans are so much comfier. 

Day 21: I can see the finish line but shit it feels far away. I feel amazing. I have great energy, I'm sleeping SO DEEPLY and the weird rash on my scalp is gone. Not to mention (ladies take note) my period that just ended was SO MUCH EASIER TO HANDLE. I'll leave it at that, but like, serious improvement on the pain management side. But holy shit I want to be done with this. Not for any reason other than wedding season being in full swing means I am so hard pressed to prep tons in the kitchen. I didn't grocery shop this week which isn't helping. 

Day 21.9 UPDATE: I'm over this shit. I have weak moments - like right now- where I seriously just want it to be day 30. 

Day 23: I have never in my life seen how much I equate 'accomplishments' with a food celebration. This food - emotion relationship is deep seeded shit people. We finish a tough day in the studio and I am seriously like 'I need a cookie right now because I did a great job today." WTF. I walk with Maple instead, I'm like one of those cheesy PSA ads on the radio about healthy living but once I go do something instead of having the cookie I forget about the craving. 

Day 26: We did a double wedding yesterday. I call the day after weddings my 'wedding hangover' day. I usually just sit bra-less on the couch answering emails all day. I feel so freaking good. It is ridiculous. LIke I can't remember the last time my stomach was upset, or bloated, or my joints hurt. Jesus Christ what is in our food? Wake up call friends. WAKE UP CALL. I'm excited to be done though, there is a cold glass of rose with my name on it. A friend texted me today who asked about W30 and we chatted a bit on the phone about it. She says she can't imagine going 30 days WITHOUT an upset stomach, I tell her its possible. Its really hard some days, but its possible. 

Day 29: I can't believe tomorrow is my final day! The month has flown by some, and crawled by on other moments. I will admit, and this is so weird- I'm a little  worried about the end of Whole30. I've chosen not to do the full 'reintroduction' thing because basically its wedding season, summer, I want wine & all the things rolled into one. So my plan is to slowly check out and see how my body reacts to things, first up being that cold glass of rose, DUH. (Like dead serious I have the bottle chilling in the fridge right now.) But I am seriously dreading a stomach ache or bloating. I love this entire thing of living with a happy gut. My money is on the dairy- but only time will tell...... 

Day 30: *mic drop*

My thoughts / opinions & the part where I try and convince you to do this: Do it. Do it for yourself. I have truly never in my life felt better. Its weirdly one of those silly things that is SO true when people say, 'you don't know how shitty you felt until you feel this good.' I'm serious. 99.9% of it- is a mental challenge. And I liked that. For some reason I feel like this month made me tougher mentally. The food wasn't the tough part, not the prep, not the shopping or the cooking or the planning- its all a mental game. Its a mental game when you're out with friends and family and at social things and its a mental game when its the freaking most beautiful weather ever and you're sitting by the bonfire. It's a mental game when you are travelling away from home. Its a mental game on long days when you have been sweating your ass off working outside and Scoops (cute ice cream place) is calling your name. its a mental game. 30 days. Not a sip of alcohol. Not a bite of a treat. Not an ounce of dairy. You can do it. I promise you. 

So what changed? Whole30 has this thing called "Non Scale Victories" which I love.  Here are mine: clearer skin, weird rash on my scalp - gone, crazy amounts of energy (kicked in around day 20), better cycle this month, dry skin- gone, my eye whites are SO WHITE, my skin is legit glowing, zero bloating (the bloat is what sent me on the Whole30 train, long story about my visit to the doctor where she mentioned I may need a 'reset' to balance my hormones), cravings for anything- gone. And perhaps best of all- I'm tougher than I thought. 

You are not allowed to weigh yourself on Whole30. I loved this part. I didn't do this to lose weight. I legit went down this journey for one purpose: I needed to get rid of this bloating issue. I felt like I had swallowed a balloon for all of March / April.  I actually said to Matt the other day, "I feel so good, I don't care what the number on the scale is." I'm down 14 lbs. Thats insanity to me. I feel like I was never hungry and I ate ALL THE TIME. But your body really thanks you when you stop fueling it with sugar.

Sugar is pretty messed up: Holy shit. Its. In. Everything. And once my body stopped requiring it to function, (this is the ugly part, the first 8 ish days) I felt more in control. 

Fast Tips: Before you start, read the book. Give yourself a full 10 days AT LEAST before your first day - it'll help you mentally prepare. Tell everyone- accountability. Have a buddy -shout out to my girl Meaghan who did this with me and who at multiple times I texted for support. Try and have zero social events the first week. Once I got really comfortable with it all we resumed our normal life, but for the first 5-7 days we pretty much chilled at home lots. We had people over a few times and I would just make a W30 dinner. But it does take a few days to get in the swing of things. 

When in doubt, fry up an egg, mash an avacado on it, throw in some sauteed veggies & then go to bed. 

Cheer my friends.





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