on april.

Note: This is part of my year in review series so I can better remember and detail 2017 for our family. You can scroll back a bit to read the other months. :) 

April made me happy. It was my time to shake the dust off and remind myself that I can actually design flowers & start putting some wheels into motion for the season. 

We kicked off the month with a workshop at Fieldguide Farmhouse filled with a whole lotta cool ass women. We designed centerpieces and then enjoyed a fleeting perfect Spring day on the porch with a glass of wine. 

The following week I zoomed off to Charlotte for a few days to see Piper, my god-daughter and her mama and papa who happen to be two of my best friends. It was a full 2 days of snacks, walks to the park and rose on a patio. As fast a trip as it was, I was so happy. You know you are where you need to be when your best friend is like "I found these mini cans of rose at Trader Joes lets drink them during naptime."

When I was back on the farm I fell right back into it with leading two amazing women for the day in a private instruction here at our studio. They are both learning to design for weddings this season and so I helped them refine a bit on bouquet work, littles, and fun other weird things we do for weddings. The studio was bursting with blooms with always makes me happy. 

I also got to spend a magical day in Traverse City connecting with some Northern Michigan Event Professionals as I was a featured speaker at a 'lunch and learn' about telling your story. I was reminded standing up there with a microphone in my hand how much I love connecting with people and it was a double triple bonus it being a talk about my biggest passions in life. 

We had one April wedding, Jenny and Austin said 'I do' on a beautiful Spring day in Traverse City. I flowered solo which is always a fun challenge and Lee helped me with install. Friends, I cannot say enough about having a woman tribe who want you to succeed and give up their Sunday to schlep flowers just because they love you. 

I also was fortunate enough to finally meet Megan in person this month. We've been internet buds for a year and she invited me over to her home for a ladies evening dinner. You can read all about it right here, but it was good for the soul and I felt right at home. 

But then- the month was over! It blew in just as fast as it left. April was also a month I started to get REALLY worried about the lavender. But low and behold- Mother Nature is always way more powerful than my stupid ass worrying- and before the calendar flipped to May- those babies were greening up fast. 

April, just like this blog post, a lightning fast blur. 



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