on march.

Note: This is part of a monthly recap I am attempting to do all year. If you want scroll back a bit and you can read our family January and February recap. 

March was a really amazing month. It started with literally 9 straight days of client meetings and calls. I feel like the calendar flipped to and a lot of our brides started to feel a fire burning to get some stuff done and I'm more than happy to be a box checked off the list. 

We were also able to go spend some time down at the 'Farm that started it all.' Runnymede in Cadillac. We lived there for almost 3 years way back way and our landlords Bill & Mary Jo became two of our closest friends. They are the best and time spent with them is such a treat. Maple loved being back there and running free and visiting the chickens. 

March also was the final month for Matt of surgeon appointments and therapy on his hand. We are absolutely in the clear and his finger works as good as new! 

The following weekend I hosted Hygge: Women's Creative Retreat in Boyne City. There is a draft in my folder that's a blog recap of this entire weekend and I keep attempting it and it keeps being too hard to put into words. But this weekend was life changing for me, and for the women who joined me. 

We spent two days locked in a log lodge surrounded by beautiful snowfall and dove into our businesses and dreams and fears and all that stuff that comes with being someone who can't just sit still and show up. Since the retreat I've talked to one of those ladies at least once a day, and I get to see some of them regularly this spring / summer! What an amazing experience. 

March also brought Little Black Cloud for a bit more than I would have liked. Its my little funk, which seemingly appears out of nowhere but lingers for a few days, raising hell and pissing me off. It was totally weather related as it seemed in March that winter would never end. But we packed our bags and headed down to Florida for the final week of the month which helped with all the feelings. :)

Last month we also got some amazing clients. I am blown away at how quickly 2018 is booking. 

Little things right now like the tulips starting to emerge, and the daffodils growing a bit more each day- that is such a beautiful part of this season. The lilac bushes (we have a gazillion at the farm) have their buds, which to me is basically like Christmas Morning. 

March is a mind game. It feels so so so long, but thats really because we are waking up. We are ready to be outside again and move a bit and haul some dirt and plant some seeds. But the earth isn't ready. And we all know Mother Nature calls the shots. 

April has some crazy awesome stuff on tap. I cannot wait to share it with you.