on the day it all came full circle.

I had a ridiculous day Tuesday. So fitting that it was a Tuesday right? Because usually, I hate them. But it was- a day that I could not have orchestrated better myself. The universe was into some seriously crazy shit. Let me tell you. It was a day of everything coming so full circle my heart nearly burst. I was wired until past midnight (y'all know this means it was intense for me).

I didn't really even see it coming. As with most of the best things in life- it took me a bit by surprise. I woke up to realize that it was the 2 year anniversary of our first wedding we ever flowered for. Stems & Sprigs was made to be a flower company that didn't do weddings, just arrangements because I actually thought I could never do a wedding (like, how the hell do you even do that?) but I'm friends now (surprise) with our first bride ever and she posted an anniversary pic on Facebook and I remembered that day. 

Matt and I were clueless. But I consider one of my strongest talents that I can really appear to have my shit together when I need to. So we decided we would flower a wedding on a beautiful Spring day in 2015.  Many of you know the story from here. Designing in the old Cadillac house. At the ping pong table in the basement. I stayed up until 1am (again, very intense for me) making the bridesmaid bouquets and got up at 5am to do the boutonnieres because I had no workflow or clue what I was doing. But we did it. The wedding was beautiful, the couple was happy, and Matt got his first taste of hauling a lot of 5 gallon buckets and handing things to me while I'm on a ladder. #romance 

So I woke up yesterday and got all emo that it had been 2 years since that day. And as fate would have it I was driving to Traverse City that morning to give a presentation on 'telling your story.' On how your story is such an important part of the business you build that it shouldn't be hidden behind gimmicky marketing and weird sales pitches. That wedding- is SUCH an important part of our story. This story. Without it- who knows what this business would look like today. #fullcircle

I spoke to the group without a filter and did not follow a script. When I left TV the only thing I worried about was that I would feel like a small part of me was unfulfilled. The part of me that loves being able to reach a large group of people and connect with them, inspire them and just make people happy. That little part was filled right back in yesterday as I got to see the 'aha' moments happening.

After the luncheon and a couple hours of working at the coffee shop I went to meet some creative badass women for a chat at a Traverse City happy hour spot and low and behold when I walk in the door what do I see? In the foreground- an entire table of my old coworkers- including ONE who is our bride this weekend #fullcircle. There are hugs and 'how are yous' and 'im so happy for yous' and support. General kindness and love. I think about the hours I spent agonizing over 'letting everyone at the station down' or 'will they all be mad at me.' And I'm embraced by people who weren't even in my department but follow the blog and believe in me. And in the background a table of new friends who have all come to me through this weird internet storytelling medium and all own creative amazing businesses and inspire me daily. The juxtaposition yall --the melting together and the universe-- I literally was looking up at the ceiling like - "wait- is this all for real right now?" #sofullcircle #butwait #imserious


Later that night Taylor (T Swift) and I were invited to the Brys Estate Wine Dinner at the Cooks' House in TC. You remember Taylor, she worked with us for 6 months and kicked ass last summer in ways I could have never imagined. But what you don't know is that on the longest of long design days in that leaky old part of the barn Taylor and I would talk a LOT about what was next for her. I pushed her (sometimes too much) to talk out loud about her dream job. One that if she could design it herself -- what would it look like? We discussed her strengths and what we knew were her 'non negotiables' and it looked a lot like- a hospitality management position for a family owned business that focuses on wine and events and is well branded and is in northern michigan and allows her to be creative and still play with flowers and be social but also be a workhorse (shes one of those people that needs to be busy, like for real). Okay- still with me? So we design this dream job. And I set out hell-bent on finding it for her. 

We need to time travel again. But hang with me.

4 years ago reporting for the morning show I am assigned a liveshot one morning with a 'guy representing a winery.' He shows up for the live-hit and we are instantly hitting it off. Like so much so that I go over my time for the live shot- and my mom texts me afterwards "who was that guys- your best friend?!" I immediately form a connection with Patrick and later get to meet and equally begin to love his husband Erik. The rest is friendship history- filled with adventures and wine and a lot of 'good lord I'm grateful the universe brought us together' moments. 

Time travel again- September 2016- for The Gather Series I invite Pat and Erik to join us as a vendor and represent their winery "Brys Estate" which is in Traverse City (you see where this is going right?) I'll spare you all the details--- but thanks to a lot of people believing in one another and knowing who needs to meet who- Taylor starts her dream job next Wednesday at Brys Estate as their Hospitality Manager. To say I am proud is an understatement. And to say I am excited for the incredible Brys family to welcome T to their team is an understatement. 

So last night Taylor and I joined Pat and Erik for dinner as their guests. A 'passing of the torch' if you will. I watched as Taylor represented her new brand with pride and my little heart almost burst that the girl who found me on Instagram and reached out for an internship and helped run our company last summer was all grown up. And the friends I met at a liveshot are now her coworkers and it's all so damn perfect.. #fullcircle. 

And the cherry on top of it all? That bride 2 years ago? Jesi? Taylor found us because Jesi was her instructor at CMU and Instagrammed a photo of her wedding and tagged us as her flower tribe. Thats it. #fullcircle

So who knows where 'person zero' is in all of this. It's maybe a news station in Northern Michigan. Or an instructor at Central Michigan University. Or maybe its a guy who moved back from california to run his family's winery on Old Mission Peninsula. Perhaps its my husband who said he would 'do whatever I need to do to make this wedding happen for you' when I told him I was too scared to do a wedding. Maybe its the manager that took the chance and put me on a morning show. Maybe its my mom always telling me I was 'destined to be in front of people.' Perhaps its instagram leading Taylor down a clicking frenzy to find a small company in Petoskey that needed help for a summer. But I do know this- never in my life have I realized how connected we all are. 

Not on our screens. Not at happy hour. But this human element. We are all scared and overwhelmed and finding joy in little things and dreaming of something different for ourselves, and saying 'out loud' what that dream looks like just might be the difference.

You need people to take a chance on you and believe in you. It makes all the difference in completing the circle. 



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