on being bored.

Being bored is really tough. In the world today you never really have to be bored, you can just unlock your phone and scroll the world of word vomit on the internet. (Yes I am aware I contribute to that word vomit daily and more than most people, I'm ok with that.) 

Being bored for people who are typically not taking a lot of 'down time' is even tougher. I am fascinated by watching kids in Florida be bored in the sand. They just sort of sit there, and push around the sand and look at the water. It's quite lovely. 

I'm working hard at being bored this week. And I think I'm doing a damn good job. I never nap at home and I've taken a little snooze every day since we got down here. I've finished an entire book. I've watched HGTV for the first time in months. I've sat and pushed the sand around and just looked at the water. It's been real nice. 

One of my favorite parts about being bored, is that I think its really good for our brains. It allows them to sort of just 'be' instead of always firing a million miles an hour. We are in Florida for 8 days this year. This is the longest trip Matt and I have taken in 2 years. And I think that the length is what allows your body to do the most impactful 'reset.' 

If we were here 4 days. It would have been jammed. With making sure we 'checked all the boxes' -favorite dinner place, beach day, pool day, make sure I go to Whole Foods a couple times (its a problem.) And then poof- we would have been back in Michigan. 

But with this extended stay, we are allowed to really not have a plan. Maybe go watch some baseball, maybe see a movie, maybe this- maybe that. And it's allowing both of us to reset before what is our craziest time of the year. 

Spring brings a lot of challenges to our house. Matt is the Varsity Baseball Coach- so he's gone every night from the beginning of March until Mid-June and meanwhile, I am gearing up for our busiest month of the year which this summer will be June. A year ago I would have looked at our calendar that is upcoming and started feeling anxious- but this year I have a much better 'go with the flow' mentality and I am so confident it'll all come together because I don't allow it to do anything but that. 

But allowing myself the time and space to just be bored this week is helping. It's helping me make sure I'll be a better floral designer this summer, a better employer, a better wife, a better friend. It's also allowing me the space to really focus on putting the pen to the paper with some long off goals that when you're on vacation seem like you 'maybe could really do this'- stay tuned. 

Be bored. Maybe its a day. Maybe its 8 days. But find the time and space and allow yourself to just sort of be. 



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