on 'where the hell do I even start?'

I've been there. I am there. You have an idea. Perhaps its big, maybe its tiny. It might be finally taking that trip to Australia or it might be finally doing something with your life that excites you, or getting paid to make those cool signs you paint, or paying off all that debt, or reaching out to the person who pissed you off 10 years ago. 

You've got an idea. And you're sitting there like this, "where the hell do I even start?" 

Girl. Please. This is the story of my life. Or was. Or still sorta is. #workinprogress forever. 

I got an email two days ago from an amazing woman, a brilliant light on this planet. She's busting her ass to start her business and its just sort of stalled. 

Maybe you're there too. Stalled. Here's the best part- when you stall out- you usually aren't out of gas, you just didn't shift gears properly. 

I'm getting ready to host a Creative Women's Retreat next weekend in Boyne City. There will be 12 of us coming together to sit in our comfy pants for 2 days eating cheese, drinking wine & talking about being women who want something more for their lives. It isn't religious, or exclusive. I'm not selling a course at the end. They aren't all brides to be. We are all just women trying to figure it out. 

Note: If you're reading this and you're thinking 'I wanna be there' sign up will go out first next year to people on our mailing list, so--- get on it if ya want. 

Last night Matt and I watched a documentary on Minimalism and it boiled down to a simple message- do not bring anything into your life that doesn't serve a purpose and bring you joy. And bringing you joy can be the purpose it serves. 

But where the hell do you even start? Here's my tip; just take the very first step. Big big things can be hella overwhelming. Trust me on this one. One step. Open the account. Buy the domain. List out all the money you owe people. Tell someone you want to paint them a sign. I don't care what the hell it is- but take the first step. And you know what is coming next right? You take the next one. 

Often times I launch ideas and new projects we are working on by just writing down what I 'know about this right now' in a google doc. Its a constant stream of thought on what the idea is and how it'll work. And then I look at it- and take the first step. 

Creating a life that brings you joy is really not the norm these days. But if you've got a passion for something- why not try and make it a bigger part of your life? So it's true- starting is often the hardest part- but the longer you sit and wish it all to come to you the longer you're wasting time you could have really busted out and made something happen. 

Email me with questions, always.