on the wind.

After the wind stopped- I surveyed the damage. 

You may have had it where you were too. We had 48 hours straight of non stop wind in the 30 MPH range and a gust measured just near our house at 62 MPH. It literally. Would. Not. Stop. I'm talking like, I am not a small woman by any means and when I was walking uphill in town to meet a friend I swear I was leaning into it and it was holding me up and it looked like a Michael Jackson move. I swear it. 

And I was pissed. Because every two seconds something was going to shit around here. 

A piece of our gutters blew off. They were installed last year. Straight up a piece of the gutters was just ripped from our home and blew away. One of my favorite urns got picked up, traveled a bit, tossed back down and cracked down the side. Our recycling bin looked like a plastic bag floating through the air. Trees down everywhere near our house. We are lucky we didn't lose any big ones- but there are giant branches down all over the yard. And perhaps what pissed me off the most- our landscaping fabric blowing up and OVER the lavender plants. Like the wind was so strong that it squeezed the fabric over the plants, the holes are significantly smaller than the plants- and like a genie in a bottle it just squeezed the hell right off. The landscaping fabric looked like a 100 ft long magic carpet out there. The little ball thing on the handrail for our porch- BLEW OFF- like- I didn't even know that was possible. 

I drove over to my mom and dad's to survey their damage, their road looks like a tornado came through- tons and tons of trees down. One of my moms potted urn arrangements was there and now its gone- probably blown into someones yard somewhere. The Urn stayed. #notahomedepoturn. 

But when the wind stopped. The silence was almost deafening. I could once again hear things- the birds outside, a truck rumbling down the road, the dog snoring. And we finally slept. The house faces straight west and up here on this hill it blows so hard and relentlessly from the west that it sounds like a freight train non stop 3 nights in a row. Leading to little sleep and me just laying in bed thinking about hundred foot long strips of landscape fabric blowing across the road and onto someones car and omg they can't see and omg they veer off and omg..... 

And I surveyed the damage. We really did make it out unscathed compared to most. Online I saw friends losing hoop houses and old old trees and power and roof shingles and all that nasty stuff. It was the first time in my life I've patted myself on the back for some type of cleanup job. We really did move nearly everything inside for the winter, way back in November and by doing that we saved a lot of furniture and other things from damage I suppose. 

I'm also always in shock the barn just doesn't blow over. How is it that something built in the early 1800's lasts long than my urn from the Home Depot --- oh wait.... yeahhhhhh #CRAFTSMENSHIP. 

Our windy little oasis at the top of the hill. I sometimes still cannot believe we are here. Living this story. It's a dream most days. But on the occasional day when the wind destroys things and you spend most of your day hauling cinder blocks around a lavender field and realizing that when the weather breaks you've got a good 4 full days of work to resecure landscaping fabric and start over on some rows --- on those days, I miss that little ranch house on the corner lot in town. 

But only for a second. 

Then I look out our back door at our yard and watch the sun rise over the ridge and even in the deafening quiet after the wind I can hear the Universe sorta just telling me- you're right where you need to be.





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