on february.

This is part of a monthly roundup I've committed to doing this year. I basically want to be able to remember the year in more detail. You can read the January version right here

February is so weird. I always say it would be the worst month ever for a birthday, but then the 293203982 people I love who have February birthdays would be offended so I sort of just stick to my theory that its a weird month. 

It's cold (usually) and dark and can feel long even though its so short. 

We started the month with our workshop which was awesome and being buried in snow. It was gorgeous. 

The following week we left for our Honeymoon to Napa Valley. I've been quiet about Napa on here because I sometimes have this weird thing where I want one part of our life to remain private (crazy right?!). Like, if I shared Napa in great detail it wouldn't be as special. Here's a brief summary: Drink all the wine. Eat all the cheese. Freakout over how much I love Northern California. Make friends from Australia. Drink more wine. Buy a lot of wine. Eat pizza. Laugh so hard we cry. Walk around Yountville. Leave to go home. 

We celebrated Valentine's Day morning stuck on the runway in Sacramento for nearly 3 hours. This is after I stood in awe as a 50-year-old woman passed through security with the worst black eye I've ever seen, wearing a wolf t-shirt and carrying a log. A log. She was travelling with a log, like a tree trunk, it went on the conveyor belt and everything. I wanted to hangout with her and learn THAT story.

During our delay they started passing out snacks and I looked like I won the Delta Lottery when I snagged a thing of Cheezits. #realexciting --but for real- why is it that people can not travel? People. Were. Freaking. Out. And I get it- being delayed sucks. Sitting on the runway sucks. But to the woman screaming that she cannot PAY FOR ANOTHER FLIGHT to 'get to my final destination! this is so unfair!" it took everything in me to turn around and tell her, you will not pay for an additional flight to get where you're going. The flight attendants were amazing, one woman went down the aisle and showed EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. how to use the delta app to look at their new flight schedule. (people, its 2017, please- for the love of god- learn to utilize the app) ((not you granny, sweet sweet granny knitting away a few rows ahead of me, you get a pass, because you were acting kind)). Regardless- we made it back to GRR and all was well. 

The month was also jammed with client work in the best way. Talked to a lot of our brides and got even more excited about their design work. I also started really trying to look at our 'systems' this year. That's a whole entire post worthy thing for this blog, but lets just say that you're only as good as the team you're with, so put together an amazing team. 

On the 22nd we hosted an edition of The Gather Series in Charlevoix at the world famous Thatch House. I wanted to do a winter edition this year really to just keep my heart and head focused on what TGS is all about for us. It was a smaller group than usual and being inside definitely changed the vibe, but didn't take away any of the magic. I'm telling you that when you bring people together intentionally, by hand picking them, real actual magic happens. 

Soon after Matt found out that he doesn't have cancer in his finger!!!! They got all of the tumor and we are in the clear. Medicine is amazing. Science rules. Now I spend a lot of time telling him to 'pass me the finger' so I can massage it to help it heal faster before golf and baseball in March. 

And then, before I could even register it was coming I left my day job. We went out on Friday night with friends to celebrate and when the crowd had cleared and it was just me on our couch at 12:30 am on Saturday morning I sobbed. A lot of people when I told them this thought I was crying from the fear. But let me be clear, I was crying because of the kindness. I had never had a day so filled with words of affirmation. And even though that is my love language I was totally blown over by it all. 

I've spent most of my February Sundays cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Nothing makes me happier than putting together 3 big recipes that will feed us most of the week. We don't watch a lot of TV but when we do, its The People V OJ Simpson on Netflix and I'm crying about Marcia Clark and Chris Darden and all of it. 

February. A month for sort of burrowing in a bit. Celebrating love and sunshine (finally) after what seemed like weeks of darkness outside and a healed finger. Celebrating changes and routine and slow Sundays.  Time to "March on" to what's next...