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Our amazing group from 'An Afternoon With Flowers' workshop!

Our amazing group from 'An Afternoon With Flowers' workshop!

I never ever thought that teaching would bring me so much joy. In all honesty, I thought I would hate it. But as many of you know, our Wreath Workshops last Holiday Season really unlocked something in me I didn't know was there. 

When I stop over analyzing it all, its probably just the simple explanation that I adore bringing people together, wreaths & flowers are some of my favorite things on this planet, and when you put in some wine, good lighting and cheery moods it's a fool proof recipe.

This is why I knew "An Afternoon With Flowers" would be a hit as well. We hosted this workshop way earlier this month and led a small group of badass women through the process of how to arrange their own flowers. This isn't a class for people who want to become floral designers, it's a class for anyone who has come home from the grocery store with that wadded up, smooshed thing called a 'bouquet' and stuck it in a vase and it looks horrible. It's for anyone who sees all the flowers growing around their house in the summer and wishes to put together a cute arrangement for their kitchen counter. It's for anyone who has opened a box from 1-800-youknowwho and stuck them in the provided vase and thought 'there has to be more.'

We went over all my favorite tips and tricks for working with flowers at home and the ladies spent the afternoon sipping, snacking, laughing and learning. 

My dear friend Lee was our hostess at Fieldguide Farmhouse once again and having the roaring fire makes all the difference on a cold winter afternoon. 

I'll leave you with the photos from my friend Courtney, but if you're interested in joining us the next session of An Afternoon With Flowers is April 8. I'll be there with all the blooms you could ever want and your day will be one to remember, I promise. 

A lot of women tell me they 'so want to do something like that sometime!' well ladies- the time is now (boys you are more than welcome as well!!!). This is the final public workshop I'll be leading until wreath making in November. Hope to see you there! As always- literally, no experience is necessary. If you can operate a pair of scissors and are a generally nice person to be around- I welcome you with open arms. 

You can get your tickets to our April 8 workshop by clicking right here.

PS- There has been a few requests for 'private' workshops and sessions. YES If you have at least 8 people who are interested we do provide private offerings at your home or location, just drop me a line. 

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