For 2018: Trust The Timing



Trust the timing. You and me both sister. We need to work on this. We are obsessed with the next thing.  The next trip. The next project. The next client. The next date. The next episode. The next meeting. Hell, the next day. The next weekend.

Unlike years past for my mantra there isn't a note on my phone that has a bunch of options. This one came to me right away. Perhaps a bit of universal intervention that this is what I need. Maybe you need it too? 

In 2016 I vowed to 'create recklessly' and in 2017 I said we were gonna 'tell your story' and in 2018 let's 'trust the timing' shall we? 

Let's try and work on our obsession with the plan, with just relinquishing a tiny bit of that white knuckle grip on every freaking thing and just letting what needs to happen, happen when its time. 

I'm the first person to say that this won't be easy. And that we still will need to plan things. Shit, I LOVE a good plan. A good calendar date circled with fun and promise to look forward to. But I'm going to loosen the reins. I'm going to commit right now that this summer, the rare weekends I have off cannot all be planned out months in advance. They just need to happen. I will just trust their timing that they will be fulfilling and wonderful. 

I'm committing that I will not call 2018 a 'sorta success' if every box on my 'goals list' isn't checked by Dec 31 this year. I'm calling 2018 a success when I can sit back and allow things to happen a bit more organically. 

Now, let's be clear, we are not to just sit back and hope our business dreams and personal goals magically appear. Nothing pisses me off more than some moron on Facebook posting weird graphics that say shit like, "Type 'Amen' and share this post and you will come into money" 

NO BRO. Get up and work your ass off and do things, then you'll come into some money. 

When Matt and I were swallowed up by debt, I didn't just lay on the couch and say we were gonna 'trust the timing' and it would be gone. If we had trusted the timing of American Express we will still be making payments. 

But what I do want us to do, is realize that what we want RIGHT NOW, we are gonna have to wait for. Work for. Trust the timing. 

I know that graduating college is scary as hell. You've got a gazillion dollar degree under your belt and somehow you are expected to just fly off campus and into the real world and find a job making you 65k a year starting base salary with full benefits and paid time off and you're going to love it and feel so fulfilled and it's all going to be perfect. Because you worked for this. 

Newsflash: you probably are gonna live back in your childhood bedroom painted the ugliest shade of pepto bismol pink you've seen in your life with a flowery tufted duvet cover and be eating dinner with your parents a lot. (I might know a woman this happened too.)And you're going to be making $15/hr. And you're gonna think 'but this isn't the timing, I put in my time, this isn't how this should be working' and it is. Trust the timing. 

You're living together and you vacation together and shit, you even have a dog. Okay. A DOG. But there isn't a ring on your finger. And you know the ring isn't that important but you want a sign, a symbol, a commitment. You're going to be 30 this year and this wasn't the plan. In your mind at 30 you already had a cute house in Ferndale and had been married 2 years, this wasn't the plan. Your timeline is off. 

The timeline seems off. Girl, its ok. Your timeline means nothing to anyone else other than that weird annoying voice in your head. You'll get there. I promise. 

You started this business as a side hobby but holy smokes people are giving you money. And you realize you wanna do this more than whatever makes you suddenly think you might have a fever on Sunday nights. But the money, the benefits, the plan. There is no easy time to tell your family, or your partner. When should I leave? Will this work? You'll know. You will know when its time. Trust the timing. 

You are 66 years old and there's some weird nagging part of you that wants something more, you want to teach yoga, or write a book, or backpack in Europe, or dye your hair pink, or get your nose pierced. You don't know what the hell is going on but you gotta do something. Why is this happening now? Who knows mama. But go with it. The time is now. 

There is no way your timeline is gonna match up with the one you somehow think you have to follow. If we spent our lives adhering to a fictional timeline we think we are committed too it would be an endless loop of a dog chasing its own tail. Life is full of weird, shitty, beautiful, overwhelming & incredibly unexpected moments. Your timeline does not define you. It will not make you or break you. Be easy on yourself dear girl. Let's all commit to a year with more unscheduled time. A year that when it doesn't go our way, we look up or in and recognize that it's ok. It will happen.

If we can all just learn to trust the timing. 



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