My Northern Michigan Favs: Pour

Note: I do not get paid or compensated or anything for my Northern Michigan Favs. 99% of the time the establishments don't even know I'm writing about them. These are honest to goodness just my fav spots. The end. 

Okay by now we are all well aware that I do enjoy a good glass of vino or bubbly on occasion. So naturally as we are in the thick of the holiday season I wanted my Northern Michigan Fav this week to be my go-to spot for wine, Pour. 

Pour is located right in the heart of downtown Petoskey on Mitchell St.. And aside from a gazillion (give or take a few) wines by the glass, they have a full bar, craft cocktails, beer, and a freaking delicious menu. 

Matt and I rely heavily on Pour as our spot to take all out of town guests who venture north to see us. Here's why: we can count on great service. We can count on delicious food. We can count on everyone finding something they love on the menu. We can count on people being like "omg this place is so cute for Petoskey!" 

I don't ever really get that last line. A lot of our friends are often surprised we have Home Depot, to die for restaurants, amazing shops and a working economy up here. But we do. I imagine some people watching from a far on Facebook and IG thinking that I ride a horse to the hardware store in town where I sit with a piece of wheat in my mouth talking local gossip with the good ol' boys. 

I know, food and bar reviews are tough, because how much can you count on me? Ya gotta try it for yourself. Tell Todd I sent you. And please please people, do not be intimidated or scared by the term 'wine bar.' #1- wine is not scary or something that only people with turned up noses drink, the best part about a place like Pour is if you say 'I don't know what kind of wine I like' they will lead you through the process in finding something awesome. 

Cheers my friends. Enjoy.



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