How To Tell It's The Right Floral Designer For You.

You are engaged and ready to rock baby, it's wedding planning time! Or maybe mom turns 70 this year and you and your sibs gotta pull off something special at the lake. Whatever your situation may be you want flowers and ya want them to be special. 

There are TONS of options for getting floral for an event. And yes, flowers are one of the most difficult things to anticipate costs for, especially for a wedding! But fear not, I'm here with some tips about hiring the right floral designer for you, and it's not rocket science my friends, it's just a matter of finding someone you vibe with. 

That brings me to my first point, you need to vibe with this person.  Nothing can be tougher than working with someone you just dont really enjoy. Hire a designer that you can work well with. You have a *spark* with. You'll know from the emails or first call. Trust your gut. If it feels 'off' chances are they feel it too. 

Ask them what they specialize in.  Every designer is known for something different. Maybe they specialize in keeping your budget exactly where you want it. Maybe its larger installations. Maybe its bringing in exotic tropical blooms. Maybe its designing a bridal bouquet you are obsessed with. Regardless of what it is, ask them! 

 I'm here to tell you that you need to be upfront about your expectations in order for the designer to be able to share theirs. If you want to check in with your floral designer 2 times a week all year, that is something worth mentioning. If you want this to be pretty hands off and you fully trust them, let us know. We take our cues on communication and flow from you. You're the client!

 Your styles are similar. If you're looking for something tight and structured and every photo on Instagram happens to be something loose and garden inspired, perhaps skip on the inquiry. We share what we love doing for a reason. 

And lastly, ask your friends. Read reviews. Do your homework. Ask your venue who they enjoy working with, read reviews on a website like The Knot and see what people are saying. Did you LOVE the flowers at your friends wedding last summer? Ask her who she worked with! The information is out there. 

I hope this helps some of you in the process of choosing a floral designer. Northern Michigan is full of talented flower people who are killin' the game every weekend. And bonus: we genuinely all love one another and some of us are REALLY good friends. 

Life is good Up North.

Can't wait to hear from you.



PS- now is the moment where I tell you that if you are considering having a really tall blonde girl who is loud and has a small lavender farm flower for you this upcoming summer of 2018 I ask that you inquire right away. Our Summer is booking faster than ever. Yes, Mom who knows the engagement is coming but can't say anything and it's killing you, you can email me and let me know ;) 

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