on snow daze.

It is so freaking white outside that when Anne showed up at Supper Club this month with fresh Spring Pea pesto it was so brilliant and green and bright we all just sort of stared at it for a second. 

The snow is here. And when I say its here, I mean HERE. We didn't get this kind of snow until February of last year, so being buried underneath feet of fluffy white stuff right now is both refreshing & relaxing for me. 

But its tough to get moving. The mornings are chilly in this old drafty house (Thanks George Bailey) so are the evenings. I fall asleep with a space heater on in our bedroom each night that Matt flips off when he comes up shortly after me, and I flip it on for him when I get out of bed first in the morning so he can wake up in a warm(ish) room. Slippers and sweatshirts and flannel pj pants and more layers. Our house takes wind straight from the west nearly all day every day and it whistles and creaks and is old and well seasoned. 

But its so so so beautiful. Really. We snowshoed around the farm the other day. When I see this place in a blanket of white and its SO quiet, it changes my plans for it. A plot of pine and spruce trees we've been wanting to remove to plant lavender on will now stay. Leave it to the seasons to change our minds about things. 

When the farm is so naked, its also a lot easier to see where we want things. We made the call on where the next lavender planting will go in June. It'll only be a couple hundred plants, not thousands this year ;). I'm excited to order plants and start drawing out beds and dreaming up new ideas. 

But in the meantime, enjoy the snow. 




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