on slow cooker meals and slow home improvements.

Winter is slow. I think that is why I'm falling in love with it. Sure- moving around my daily schedule based on snowfall and the sub zero temps are not all that romantic. But the slowness is what my body seems to be craving. 

The crock pot has been getting a lot of use. I feel like freaking Martha 2.0 each morning when something is bubbling away in there by 7 AM. I sometimes even look up and talk to a fake camera and say stupid stuff like "it really is THIS easy folks." 

Or soup. Holy soup. I could eat it for every meal every day, but if you've been an avid reader long enough you know that I married a sexy man who is amazing but he hates soup. So I make a giant freaking pot of Butternut Squash Bisque and he smiles through one bowl and never touches it again, "its sort of like baby food." - thanks honey. 

Now that the holidays are behind us and a new year stretches out ahead, we are getting the ball ever-so-slowly moving on a big house project. We need our stairs and upstairs hallway recarpeted and totally painted. This includes a staircase (gulp).

When you buy a really really old house, every single home improvement is like that moment when you're at a dance in 8th grade and you think the boy you have a crush on is walking over to dance with you and you are adjusting your Limited Too top over your bra you don't need to be wearing and your pin straight center part hair has like 20 butterfly clips and then he picks that other girl. The one that isn't 5'9 and has actual boobs. There is a lot of hope- and then you realize you've got like 34 more steps to get to your moment of glory. 

Remember last year when we pulled up one corner of the carpet in the living room and I was all "OMG THESE FLOORS ARE REFINISHED LETS RIP ALL THIS UP!" and then it was 8 weeks of Home Depot flooring lessons and a couple thousand bucks before we had a floor you could walk on. 

Carpet covers up scary stuff. And so- we (read: Matt) is ripping up carpet and we are assessing the situation. I'll keep you posted, but for now- I like how slow this is going. All of it. Winter. The cooking. The carpet replacement. Slow and steady. A nice refreshing change of pace. 

If I let myself, I could go crazy dreaming of all the projects and changes. But for some reason, right now, I am really happy with where we are at. The house will get there. The business will be booked solid for Summer, the lavender WILL grow again, Matt will love soup, but it can all take its time. 

Oh also- I gave up drinking on 'school nights' aka M-Th. *Except for special occasions: like, Wednesday ladies night at Pour when I go & you know, other special occasions* ;) Its been really good for me. As much as I LOVE my vino, especially while cooking, or churning out emails at night - I'm sleeping better. Can't complain there. 

I am however craving a dinner party, or 3. I need to get some dates on the calendar to host people I love and make hella Pure Michigan dishes like Pot Roast and set out napkins and such. It seems that this hostess can't sit still for long. 

Alright, I'm out of here. But remember how badly we need to take it slow. The other day in Pilates our instructor was watching all of us and she just said "stop stop everyone stop. we need to stretch slowly for like 10 full minutes because it seems everyone in here today has a body that just wants to be moving a bit slower." 




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